Your Guide to Choosing Healthy Pet Food

While browsing through the ads for pet food on TV, you’d assume that every meal for your dog or cat is a buffet of meaty flavors, packed with vitamins and minerals. It is a task to choose the right pet healthy food for your animal. Do you really know what nutritional claims like “real beef flavor” and “all natural” mean? Actually, animal protein in pet food can come from the scraps and by-products left over from meat processing.So how to select pet food that doesnt land up hurting your pet?

Here are some tips one can use while choosing healthy pet food:

1. Read the ingredients on the box :

The fancy names of pet foods can be misleading, but the AAFCO also asks pet food manufacturers to list all the actual ingredients in descending order by weight on their product can or bag. The ingredients list is where you can find out how healthy the pet food actually is. Look instead for AAFCO certification to make sure it meets the basic requirements for vitamins and trace minerals,.

2. Buy Food that contains meat :

They are carnivores, so they do best with real meat. The AAFCO says cows, pigs, goats, or sheep should be the meat sources for dog and cat food. Make sure that a whole meat source is listed as one of the top two ingredients .

3. Avoid Pet Food Marketing Ploys

Many pet food companies that label their products as natural or the best are hoping pet owners remain unaware that dogs and cats have different nutritional needs than humans.And like most manufacturers of prepared foods for both people and pets, they are trying to convince consumers that the contents of their can or bag of dead, processed food is somehow healthier than some other bag of dead, processed food.

4. Looking at certain words or phrases

When the majority of pet owners see similar words and phrases on commercial pet food labels, they mistakenly assume the formula will be nutritionally appropriate for their dog or cat. Like weight loss,low fat etc.

It is impossible to find a commercial pet food product to make up for all the ingredients required by your pet.Providing more home based food might be the answer to this problem.

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