World's Most Dangerous Airlines

Holidays have always been a time for fun, frolic, family-bonding and de-stressing, So when you decide to go on a long holiday, you would only consider the best vacation packages, and not to forget the best and most comfortable airlines. Well, we hate to break this to you but there are some airlines which have pointed out as those best not traveled. has released this list based on a rating scale out of seven stars. Some of the factors that are considered while rating airlines are the certification by the International Air Transport Association Operational Safety Audit (IOSA), are they blacklisted from the European Union, are they FAA approved, fatalities taken place in the last decade and do they meet all 8 of the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) safety parameters. Following is the list of the top ten dangerous airlines.

10. Susi Air
For many of you who are not aware, Susi Airlines has been banned from flying into the European Union. The Airlines has witnessed many crashes and casualties in the past decade. So much so that United States Embassy personnel are now prohibited from flying on this airline. Also, the airlines does not have any other flight crew except pilots.

9. Merpati Airlines
Merpati Airlines has been known to face financial issues since quite a long time now. In the past decade, the airlines has had over 50 casualties over six serious incidents and are banned from flying in any European airspace due to safety concerns. Though this airlines has not been operating any flights since the start of this year, the Indonesian government has promised to invest the money and start flying again.

8. Daallo Airlines
When it comes to safety, do not trust the Daallo Airlines at any cost. There have been a couple serious incidents and also witnessed an unsuccessful hijack in 2009. In another incident in 2010, a passenger tried to board a flight with enough explosives to blow up the plane. What makes the Daallo Airlines a dangerous airlines is the fact that it is now banned from the European Union as it does not have a recognized safety certificate.

7. Ariana Afghan Airways
Ariana Afghan Airways has a safety rating of two stars according to Established in 1955 this airline has been blacklisted from the European Union since 2006 due to safety concerns. Till 2014, the airlines had written off 19 aircrafts and counted a total of 154 casualties.

6. Bluewing Airlines
Bluewing Airlines is known for its history going on and off the EU’s blacklist for quite some time now and currently in 2015 remains banned from flying into the European Union. The airlines has fought many issues like aircraft safety and crashes in the past leading to crew and passenger deaths.

5. Tara Air
The main concern of Tara Air is the safety parameter. In the years 2010 and 2011 there were three incidents that resulted in 22 deaths of passengers and crew. Since this airline focuses on remote and mountainous airports and landing strips, flying in this airlines is a huge risk.

4. Lion Air
The safety record for Lion Air can rightfully be called atrocious as it has had eight serious incidents and many fatalities in the past years. has given just a one-star ratings to this airlines and won’t review them anytime soon unless drastic changes are made.

3. Nepal Airlines
This airlines has faced various serious safety issues and has been in numerous incidents and accidents resulting in the deaths of passengers and crew members since the 1960’s. Just last year, a plane crashed leading to the death of around 18 people.

2. SCAT Airlines
SCAT Airlines has been given a one-star rating and that is just because it is FAA approved. An aircraft carrying 21 people crashed while flying from Kokshetau to Almaty and all onboard perished. Other incidents have also taken place and the airlines currently operates without an internationally recognized safety audit certificate.

1. Kam Air
The Afghanistan based airline has been banned from flying into the EU due to safety concerns. A crash resulted in the death of 96 passengers and 8 crew members and has seen many other incidents in the past twelve years. This airline is clearly failing at becoming a safer airline and will most likely remain on the bottom of this list for a long time.

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