Working With the Right Enterprise Logistics Provider

With an effort to remain competitive in the market and have a competitive edge over others, choosing the right third party logistics is very crucial. Companies continue to increase their reliance on third-party logistics partners to assist in the management of their logistics operations. Furthermore, a growing number of these companies are looking for fewer partners that can help them take control of their supply chain. An Enterprise Logistics Provider brings a full service portfolio to the table, enabling shippers to work with one partner that performs a multitude of functions very well.

Well there are many enterprise that provide logistics services, but choosing the perfect one for you is a crucial task. Utilizing new technologies and sophisticated business intelligence tools, leading-edge companies are transforming their supply chains and their enterprises through data science. You are basically in search of a partner that can completely harmonize with networks, platforms and processes. The enterprise needs to be such that can plan, execute product mobility program thereby integrating multiply platforms. An end-to-end logistics partner delivers and builds on the foundational solutions shippers want such as:
• Reduced logistics-related costs
• TMS and other technologies to drive automation and port-to-door visibility
• Freight invoice payment and audit function with GL coding, forecasting and accruals
• Reporting and understanding of transportation key performance indicators
• Global supply chain oversight in all modes
• Best practices on the leading edge of excellence
• Methodology of continuous improvement
• Tools to provide customer service
Enterprise Logistics Provider help the shippers to collect data from customers to plan the production, thereby having direct control over costs. They fuse data elements from all sources such as raw materials costs, TMS, warehouse management systems and contextual data for insights that enable proactive decision making.

To help shippers find optimal solutions to questions like these, the right Enterprise Logistics Provider will deliver customized applications of its myriad tools to improve market advantage. ELPs should be such that they fully assess the current state of the client’s value stream, from the point of order placement to when cash is received and also pave a way for the business in the future.
Enterprise Logistics partnership shows clients where waste disappears, where true process change occurs and where clients see the most total impact. The following are the secret to find the right 3pl:
• Choose your ELP carefully.
• Use the 3PL for more than a back up plan.
• Ask what they excel in.
• Use them as solution providers.

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