Why You Should Stop Washing Your Face In The Morning ?

What’s Wrong with a simple face wash in the morning and should you really be doing it?We are constantly being told to Wash our faces twice a day. But do we really need to?You probably already know that your personal care products are filled with chemicals not good for you.That’s because the cosmetics industry is a largely unregulated body that can use whatever ingredients it sees fit, as long as they’re listed on the bottle.

Normally, big conventional brands use cheap ingredients they can get away with and then market their products like they’re God’s gift to skincare.However deep inside we know this far from the truth. In fact, most of the ingredients used in conventional products do nothing for skin, and some could actually be harming your health. That’s because a astounding 60% of what we put on our skin makes its way into our bodies, without even having to pass through the body’s filtering system before heading for your blood or in some cases lodging in your fat.These are some of the reasons you might want to avoid washing your face in the morning;

1. The moisture that is retained by the top layer of your skin
Moisture generally comes from the inside of your body just defying popular belief. The reason moisturizers are useful is because they help reinforce the barrier that nature already gave us to keep water in: that top layer of skin. So what do we do? We just help remove it right off our faces. It’s a clever trick by the cosmetics industry, because then we really need to pile on the moisturizer.

2. Chemicals used which should not be there in the first place
Sodium lauryl sulfate,phthalates. These are just some of the few chemicals one finds in your face wash which shouldn’t be there.

3. The texture was the biggest change
When you don’t wash or exfoliate your skin, a layer of dead skin builds at the surface, and after three weeks of that skin sitting on top of your face, the texture really begins to change.

4. Skin Dried Out
Partially because there wasn’t any exfoliation happening ,the skin gets much more dry if you don’t use a cleanser.

5. Even plain old water can dry you out
Yes there can be too much of a good thing. Nobody’s telling you not to get wet, but do you need to splash water on your face several times a day in the middle of winter on top of taking a shower? Definitely not.

If you do decide to wash your face it would be better to do so at night.Otherwise,there is no real reason to lather upon waking.

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