Why is Hong Kong's Public Transportation System The Best?

Hong Kongs Public Transportation system cant be compared to any other.There are numerous ways to get around Hong Kong, whether it’s by rail, bus or tram. The city claims one of the world’s most efficient and frequent public transport systems and a convenient payment method.The bus routes cover most of the island,frequent ferries between the islands,trains travelling to china.Every day, Hong Kong’s local transport system is used for over 11.5 million trips .If you are staying in Hong Kong for a few days, and you intend to use the MTR or other public vehicles as your primary mode of transportation, consider getting an “Octopus” card .It is ultra convenient, and saves you the trouble of carrying lots of coins around. Travelling from one end to the other, this is a great way to see life on the Island if not in a hurry.

The Mass Transit Railway (MTR) Corporation, which manages the subway and bus systems on Hong Kong Island and, since 2006, in the northern part of Kowloon, is considered the standard for transit management worldwide.Hong Kong’s MTR stations are color-coded and colorfully storied.

The difference between transit-oriented development in Hong Kong and the US is vast, with Hong Kong showing up as a strong standard to match. Hong Kong’s secret is that the MTR is both the transit authority and a property owner. This cuts out a lot of disputes between agencies and developers and streamlines an integrated approach — they are on the same page from the start.

In addition to Hong Kong, the MTR Corporation runs individual subway lines in Beijing, Hangzhou, and Shenzhen in China, two lines in the London Underground.And in Hong Kong, the trains provide services unseen in many other systems around the world: stations have public computers, wheelchair and stroller accessibility, glass doors blocking the tracks, clear and sensible signage, and, on longer-distance subways, first-class cars for people who are willing to pay extra for a little leg space. This model of transit management works partly because Hong Kong is a closed system: There are no suburbs from which people can commute by car, so there are strong incentives for everyone within the territory to use the system.

Hong Kong is one of the world’s densest cities, and businesses depend on the metro to ferry customers from one side of the territory to another. Other modes of transport include Minibuses are vans with no more than 16 seats. They come in two varieties: red and green.

For tourists visiting Hong Kong, the MTR has special offers, such as the Airport Express Travel Pass. For HKD 300, you get two rides on the express itself, as well as three consecutive days of unlimited travel on MTR services all across Hong Kong.

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