Whats Wrong With Drones?

When we read drone, most of us associate it as a danger to global peace and security, a war weapon. Technically called “unmanned aerial vehicles” (UAVs), drones are just aircraft without human pilots onboard, encompassing everything from reconnaissance vehicles to unmanned crop dusters. Thinking of the drones out of the conflict zones, it can have many pros. Drones can be used by the government and other NGOs in their relief programs during disasters. Amazon recently announced its efforts to use drones in delivering the packages. It helps to locate road blocks, locate bodies for retrieval and many other productive purposes. Even after having so many pros, it put the biggest threat on the of future peace of the world. So what is wrong with drones? We have detailed down some of them for a better understanding:

1. Used as a weapon in war:

The use of armed drones in warfare has raised concern for human rights groups and the UN. According to some human rights groups, the U.S. military’s use of drones in its counter-terrorism efforts has led to a number of civilian deaths. But the number of deaths caused by drone attacks, in Pakistan at least, has been questioned.

2. There are no laws framed with reference to the use of drones:

Special Rapporteur Ben Emmerson said there needs to be more transparency when it comes to how drones are used. A world where multiple states use such weapons in secrecy is a less secure world.

3. Promotes the concept of Global Battlefield:

They promote the concept of a global battlefield. The decision to define Sept. 11 as a “war on terror” rather than as law enforcement against criminals creates an endless and virtually unrestrained war across national boundaries. In a borderless battlefield, “just war” limits become meaningless and exit strategies impossible.

4. They’re not that accurate:

One of the main selling points of drone strikes is their supposedly surgical precision. Rather than carpet-bombing entire city blocks to nail one or two bad guys, now we can just zap them without harming anyone else. They kill innocents. Much is made of the alleged precision of drone strikes. Yet whether through faulty intelligence, mistakes, or a willingness to accept “collateral damage,” hundreds of innocent people, including children, have been killed in drone attacks.

5. Making it easier for politicians to opt for war:

In modern times, there is a real political cost to launching military intervention. Takeaway that potential political cost however by using unmanned systems, and it makes it much easier for political leaders to opt to use lethal military force. Drones swing the balance away from engaging in the often difficult and long-term work of solving the root causes of conflicts through diplomatic and political means, towards a quick, short-term ‘fix’ of ‘taking out the bad guys’.

Drones create a culture of fear and hatred. More than using it for a better purposes, there a are chances that it becomes too easy to use its violent force to respond to conflict hampering world peace and integrity.

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