What are Popular Careers in Fashion?

You must have been exposed to the fashion industry at some point in your life.This would either would through TV shows or models walking down the red carpet. Popular actors and models wear clothes made by the best designers in the worls..Behind all the glossy pages of the fashion industry, there are millions of people working to make it happen.Getting in is tough. Not only is it extremely competitive, but many people have no idea where to start. Being a designer is obviously one of the most visible roles you can have in the industry, but talent and skill are required.These are some of the popular careeer choices one can choose to opt for in the fashion industry:

1) Production Management

It is the foremost line of fashion. Production managers are responsible for getting textiles and clothing made at the manufacturing level. They work with suppliers and retailers to make sure a quality product is produced. The field has potential to be an exciting and challenging. Everyone is interested in the magic formula of getting clothes produced cheaply but with a certain level of quality.

2) Writers

If you’re an excellent writer and you love fashion, a fashion journalism career might be a perfect fit for you. Reporters follow fashion industry developments and report them to the public through magazines, blogs, and newspapers.

3) Fashion Merchandising

Business and design combine here. Designers need to get their product to the market. Merchandisers track and monitor fashion trends and consumer trends. A head for numbers and a ton of creativity are non-negotiable.Fashion merchandisers bring the latest in fashion to the consumer through window and in-store displays that entice customers to buy the displayed fashions. A fashion merchandiser needs a strong visual aesthetic, combined with creative merchandising techniques.

4) Styling

Museum exhibits, fashion shows, and showrooms all use this technique.A good eye for how to present things and mix then together. Combine that creative mindset with a background in design, some mixed media art experience, and a basic grasp of color theory, and you could land the gig. A degree isn’t totally necessary, but again, having some understanding of numbers, business, and communications is essential.And internships and networking are probably more important in styling than in the other professions.

5) Public Relations

You have to familiarize yourself with how to track tweets, reblogs, and website trackbacks.Have no shame, get your name out there and reap the benefits later. PR reps are in charge of keeping a brand’s image squeaky clean and making sure people are talking about it. It is upto them to make people talk about the brand.A degree in communications, marketing, or business and a good internship will get you there.

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