Upright Freezers vs. Chest Freezers

Although a refrigerator freezer may provide sufficient frozen food storage for a small family, a chest or upright freezer can be very convenient and can even save you money in the long run.

What style of freezer should you buy and what will work better for you? There are trade-offs to each type of freezer – you have to choose based on freezer price, capacity, conveniences, energy efficiency and freezer installation.

Chest Freezers : The most economical type of freezer is the chest model.


  • More energy efficient
  • More space efficient inside
  • Holds cold inside better

Basically every inch of a chest freezer is usable storage. Because of the built-in side wall insulation, chest freezers hold their cold temperatures very well and therefore use the least energy to run.


  • Takes up more floor space.
  • Inconvenient for viewing and accessing items quickly.

Check measurements before buying to ensure you have a spot for it. It’s worth mentioning that when choosing a chest freezer, you should consider the path to and inside the house, how many turns or doorways you’ll need to go through to get it in place.

Upright Freezers : Upright freezers are more expensive than chest models.


  • Takes up less floor space
  • Convenient for viewing and accessing items quickly

Probably the best convenience feature of an upright freezer is the ability to better organize the frozen foods, making it easier to monitor and rotate contents to keep frozen foods current. And I like the idea of not taking up too much of the floor space.


  • Less energy efficient
  • Less space efficient inside

This freezer can cost you a $100 or more plus it will use more energy, but the convenience is well worth this extra cost.

If you can afford the extra cost and you love to keep everything organized in its place – an upright may be best for you. If you’re just looking for economical frozen food storage, a chest is cheap to buy and operate.

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