Top Window Treatment Trends

When you stand in the middle of the room, your eyes are drawn towards the inevitable focal point that is the backbone of any decorating plan – the windows. When thinking about new window treatments, the idea is simple- simplicity and minimalism with an emphasis on crisp, clean lines. So when you start thinking of giving a fresh look to the window, here are some latest design trends you should look before you blindly go and buy.

1. Energy Efficient Windows:
Your options for energy efficient windows include louvered shutters and roller shades. Along with their energy saving benefits, energy efficient windows also help to protect items in your home from sun damage. Consider the fact that the sun’s rays can cause damage to your rugs, paintings and the fabrics on your furniture. It is especially important to limit the amount of sun that comes in through west-facing windows as this light tends to be the hottest thus requiring more coverage.

2. Bamboo, Wood hardware:
Natural textures like wood and bamboo are starting to replace metallics and sparkle when it comes to decorative hardware. Bamboo is especially popular for its sustainable and environmentally-friendly quality.

3. Color Treatments:
We’ve seen white paired with black or navy. O’Reilly says blue is becoming the new “red” in the window treatment industry, with a variety of ocean hues in teal, aquamarine and soft green. Soft lavender and gray, dusty hues round out the soothing part of this palette. Persimmon, orange and gold will be popular jewel tones, while brown continues to dominate. “[Brown] has been, and continues to be, the new basic,” says O’Reilly.

4. Window Film:
Decorative window films, which are usually made of a clingy, flexible substance such as vinyl, are hot, and they’re a great middle ground between maintaining privacy and letting in natural light. You can buy them in clear or colored versions, and the range of patterns on the market is diverse.

5. Honeycomb Blinds:
Cellular (aka honeycomb) shades and insulating blinds have neatly arranged pockets, or cells, not unlike a honeybee’s handiwork, which help block summer heat and winter chill — and help lower your utility bills. Try them in a guest room, bathroom, or anywhere you want a well-trimmed look with some energy savings to boot.

6. Luxurious Fabric:
Luxury fabrics key in this category are silks, velvets, damasks, fur, leather and suede, according to Grace McNamara Inc. While the overall design trend leans toward simplicity, this trend will remain popular with those who desire embellishment and luxury. Linda Henry, editor-in-chief of Window Fashions magazine, says this trend includes “sparkling crystal, beaded tassels and lavish embellishments on every element of the window – hardware, trimmings and fabric.”

7. Bold prints:
Patterns work especially well in spaces like dining rooms. Bold stripes continue to be popular. Bright florals attract traditional tastes, while graphic geometric patterns bring a youthful edge to a room.

8. Calm, Soothing Tones:
Red is out. Buyers want to give their rooms the calm, soothing feel that ocean hues provide. If you want to add sophistication and elegance to a room, consider using jewel tones for your window treatments in 2015.

9. Sheer Drapes:
Sheer curtains soften the room with their free-spirited and gentle figure. They are, usually, made of semi-transparent, thin materials and are full of mixed colors and rainbow hues that blend with the natural light so beautifully, enhancing practically every living space. The great thing about sheer curtains is that they are fully functional, they are less expensive than drapes and they keep the sun light out from your home.

10. Layering:
While layering is popular, the overall look remains clean, and the palette is usually consistent for both treatments. Blending colors rather than contrasting ones work best when you want to layer treatments. Any type of blind can be used under drapes for a layered look.

So many options for today’s windows – making it stylish, eco-friendly & shape it according to your taste. All you have to do is decide which theme works in your home.

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