Top Tips for Pet-Proofing Your Home

Your pet is your life. They are family members whether others choose to see it or not.Just as a new parent would child-proof their home for the safety of the child, pet parents should be concerned with the safety of their four-footed children.Here are some quick and easy ways you can make your home—and theirs—safer, cleaner and more organized.:

1. Think from their perspective

You notice a Lot from their point of view when you are lying on the floor.Like tantalizing wires and electrical cords, toy and game pieces, loose string, candy wrappers or coins and pills that may have dropped and rolled out of sight. Check those places where your vacuum cleaner couldn’t reach;your puppy or kitten can squeeze in there and block off any small spaces.

2. Plants and pets don’t mix

Many household plants are poisonous to pets when chewed or ingested, and almost all lilies are toxic for cats. Remove toxic house and garden plants or move them to a safe area. Because they’re usually accessible by your pet,knocking them over and creating a mess.

3. Specific Places like the bathroom & kitchen

The kitchen contains all sorts of interesting drawers, cabinets, and cords, not to mention smells and tastes. If he can get into a cabinet or drawer, your pet will explore everything inside.Shoes, slippers, and clothing will quickly become toys if you don’t safeguard such items behind a closed closet door.Razors, pills and soap left within your pets reach can be easily ingested — which can mean an emergency visit to your vet.

4. Your common household furniture might be a threat

Be careful of your puppy around furniture. A rocking chair can harm a puppy’s tail or leg, and a curious puppy may crawl under an open recliner or sofa bed.

5. Doors and Windows might cause a problem

Be careful about closing doors as you walk through as your puppy may be right behind you and get caught. Keep doors and windows closed. Keep screens on windows and sliding glass doors securely fastened and in good repair, to keep your puppy from falling through. Close off stairwells with a baby gate.

6. Clean Up after your pet

Pet litter boxes should be cleaned regularly to avoid an infection. In addition to being a disgusting habit, this can be a dangerous health hazard. Cat litter can cause an intestinal obstruction, and in addition, any intestinal worms.

Bringing home a new puppy is a moment of joy and excitement. Following some of these tips will help you keep your new friend safe.

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