Tips to cut down your cellphone bill

You might have noticed that everyone seems to have a cell phones these days. In fact, 67 percent of those with cell phones have a smartphone. While many people love their smartphones, especially the conveniences they provide, there is one problem with them – the ever growing monthly bill.

1. Consider a Family Plan

With most providers, adding an additional line will only run you around 25% of the cost of your original line. If you have a chance to split a plan with a family member or even a friend or roommate, take it. Everyone wins. My wife and I split our plan with her parents. A family plan split four ways costs far less than maintaining accounts in each of our names individually or as couples.

2. Drop the insurance.

Unless you have a brand new phone that cost you several hundred dollars, then drop your insurance. At few bucks per month, it adds up quickly! Over the course of your contract, you probably paid enough in insurance costs to buy a new phone.

3. Consider using a prepaid cell phone.

Cell phone contracts are bad. You get a seemingly cheap phone up front, but you more than pay for the cost of the phone over two years. Prepaid phone plans are surging everywhere for a reason. Prepaid phone plans are cheaper and more flexible than traditional contracts with big carriers for many people. However much you use your phone, there’s a good chance you can save money with a prepaid service.

4.Choose the right Data Plan

An allowance of 500MB – while a decent amount for an entry-level mobile user – isn’t enough for everyone. When switching to 4G from a 3G tariff for the first time, bear in mind that you may need a heftier data allowance than you’ve had in the past. Alternatively, try to save the activities that eat up a lot of data – such as streaming video – for when you can use a wireless network.

5.Mind your minutes.

Paying for too many minutes will add to the cost of your monthly cell phone bill, but that isn’t as bad as going over your minutes, which often cost up to $0.45 per minute above your plan. Track your minutes for a couple months and adjust your bill accordingly. You can check your minutes free on most cell phones, or even on track your minutes with Firefox extensions. Another free service is OverMyMinutes, which will alert you by text or e-mail if you are about to go over your minutes.

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