Tips To Maximize Email Marketing Success

Email marketing still remains one of the hot favorites of Digital Marketing. Though it might be one of the oldest business module of digital marketing, it is one of the most result oriented way to get in touch with customers. If you wish to enhance your customer base using email marketing, here are few tips for the same.

Always try to build a permission based email list

In email marketing there are two types of email list. One unsolicited email list and second permission based email list. In unsolicited email list, irrespective if the visitor has given the permission or not, marketing emails are forwarded to his account. These emails end up lying in spam folder rather than serving the actual purpose. It is rather advisable to send emails to those customers who have opted for subscription of these mails. They might genuinely be interested in knowing the discounts or services provided by you. So if they get your mail, they might actually open it, read it and go through the content. This is more than half your work done. On the contrary those receiving unwanted mails may never prefer to do business with your considering those spam emails that have been sent.

Customize Emails

Though most of business owners use bulk emails to have a wider and faster reach, it is difficult to customize email for each customer. But here we are not talking about single email customization. Whenever a bulk email is sent, try attaching a feedback form or survey along with the mail. This will help you know the thought process of a customer. According to the survey results, club similar results customer in one segment and according to that segment draft a marketing email accordingly. This will make your customers realize that they are very much important for you and it gives them a feeling of trust.

Keep the content crisp and clear for better responses

Try not to accommodate too much content in your email with different graphics and deals and everything in one email. Rather stick to the subject of the email as much as possible. Have a clean and simple format. Most of the users are busy with their daily work routine. A simple email can be read easily and it takes few moments to convey the purpose. Nobody likes to waste their time browsing through the email to know its core content. However, if you have to describe in detail about certain service or product you are offering it is advisable to paste the landing page link in the email after a short description. An additional tip is that if you send your emails more frequently, sometimes twice thrice a day, you should keep your content as short as possible. Avoid using capital letters throughout the email. It looks unprofessional on your part. Before you send the email to your customer, send a rough draft to yourself in different email accounts. This will help you check how the email layout will look in different email clients.

Action based emails

Always ask a customer to follow up an action of either clicking on a link or filling up a survey, rather than just reading the mail. These actions can work up as back end data that could give you insight into customer’s mind and what they are actually looking for. These data can be further used to generate better email marketing campaigns.

Catchy subject line

A good subject line will do half of your job. It should catch the attention of the customer from the number of emails that he gets every day. But it should also be honest and true to the content. Just to grab the attention, avoid the usage of common attention grabbing phrases like “Earn 100$ per hour”, “Make Money Fast”.

A good follow-up

Your campaign will yield [positive results only if you have a good follow up practice. Once you have sent the mail, you have your call to action results with you, you should follow up the leads that will be generated from this campaign. Follow up with clients to know how they wish to go ahead with the business.

It is ok to follow healthy competition. You should subscribe to your competitor’s emails and have a look on their drafting and layout. This does not mean you blindly copy their entire format. Rather look at the positive points that you can pick from their campaigns and which when implemented on your side can work wonders. You cannot use email marketing only for new customers or perspective customers. It could be used to maintain your current customer base. You can let them know your upcoming schemes, deals, and major breakthrough that you wish to share with them.

Always write an email representing a single person or company. This will help the customer build trust on your business faster.

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