This Suitcase Could Be A Traveller's Genie Lamp!

If you have old luggage, buying new luggage can be a money-saver in the long run. Having the right type of luggage to fit current-day airline luggage rules will help you avoid extra fees by enabling you to comply with carry-on restrictions and check-in weight limits. But figuring out what to buy isn’t easy. With countless styles and vast merchandise, the task can be overwhelming. Consider these factors before you shop.

Here are some options we have shortlisted and are a must have suitcases while traveling


Zippers get stuck. Bags get over packed. Gadgets run out of juice. The Trunkster Suitcase aims to alleviate all of these problems with a unique array of features. It also has a built in charger for mobile devices. The body of Trunkster suitcase is made of durable aluminum and polycarbonate body. The suitcase also has a GPS in it which helps you to locate the suitcase just in case if you lose it while traveling or at the airport.


This suitcase knows how much it weighs and it can even charge your portable devices. The suitcase has a special three-layer poly carbonate gives the main body unique lightweight strength.

The frontal soft parts of the suitcase are made of 1200D Polyester, and the exterior has a Polyurethane cover ensuring high resistance to water and scratches. It has extremely light materials, like poly carbonate and aluminum, to keep the weight of the suitcase at a minimum.


ShelfPack is a revolutionary new roller suitcase that turns into a chest of drawers upon arrival. The sturdy, retractable supports keep the shelves stable – even when they are tucked away inside the base of the bag. Four built-in shelves are fully retractable and keep your garments organized and wrinkle-free while traveling. For smaller toiletries and grooming items, the one-of-a-kind design also boasts three outer pocket compartments.

Space Case 1

A new advanced ‘smart suitcase’ features a fingerprint-based lock system, a wireless speaker and a text notification system to indicate its arrival on the baggage carousel. Space Case 1 features an easy access electronic device compartment on one side of the suitcase. Its makers claim it is the “ultimate travel companion” , making best use of “technology, style and function”, with a range of features such as a digital scale built into its 360-degree rotating wheels.

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