Things To Leave Behind When Moving

As if the worries of moving were not enough, another worry is wondering what to carry and what to leave behind. But remember one thing. Moving is the best time to get rid of all those unwanted and ‘accidentally’ collected things which have been accumulated over the years. Yes, moving is your chance for redemption. So here is a list of things that you should just leave behind, minus any kind of attachment.

6. Garden decor

Yes, you may have spent a great deal of your time ensuring that the garden is well decorated and neatly kept. But, trying to move your plants can actually put strain on them. Instead, leave your garden where it is. You can always set up a new garden in your new place. However, if you are attached to a specific plant or tree, make sure mover is experienced with plants and gardens do the work for you.

5. Fixtures

Most of the fixtures that you have had installed in your house should stay put. However, if you have invested a lot in fancy cupboards or an expensive chandelier, you can take it with you provided you replace them-even if it’s with a generic model. The new residents would otherwise be shocked to find a missing handle of the door or some other fixtures.

4. Outdated appliances

Get rid of any old and outdated appliances. This could include your old washing machine or dryer or dishwasher. Get rid of all the kitchen appliances which you know you will not use in future- be it an ice-cream maker or waffle makers.

3. Bed frames and old mattresses

If you see any kind of holes or wear and tear signs on your mattress, it is time you get rid of them. Buy a new one for your new home. After all, it is best to start a new beginning in a new home. If the bed frame’s timber slats have slid out of place or have been broken, it is time to get rid of them too!

2. Bulky Items and household items

Take a look around your house and jot down the things that have been gathering dust. You can sell these unwanted household items in a garage sale. Bulky items like DVD players, unused laptops, etc.also need to be disposed. They only add to the pile of boxes and packages to be moved to your new house.

1. Clothes

There must be heaps of clothes in your cupboard that you have bought when there was a sale and have not actually worn. Well, moving gives you a perfect reason to get rid of unwanted clothes. Separate the clothes you wear regularly from the ones you can afford to donate or sell. Now that you have decluttered your home, it is time to sit back and enjoy your new house(and invariably the new stuff)!

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