These Laptop Tips Will Make You Feel Like A Wizard

Laptops are great to own and they will make your life less complicated. However, they still require a lot of maintenance to keep them running smoothly. If your laptop is extremely sluggish and you feel like purchasing a new one is a better option, take the time to enhance your laptop. Consider these small tricks which will help you in day to day life.

Keyboard Shortcuts

There are a few (actually, a lot) keyboard tech tips shortcuts that simply make your life easier, because they help you get to an end result while skipping a few steps along the way, so you can be much more snappy on your keyboard. Here are a few of these shortcuts:

1 Shift+Space (Select entire row)

2 Ctrl+Space (Select entire column)

3 Ctrl+A (Select entire worksheet)

4 Ctrl+Click (Add new items to selection)

5 Ctrl+Alt+ Right/Left Arrow key (Move right/left between selections)

6 Ctrl+F8(Add to selection mode toggle)

7 Escape (Cancel the selection)

There’s a hidden menu that lets you type emoji on a desktop computer. So you can use emojis in email, on Twitter, in documents, or wherever you please. For Mac: Type emoji by pressing control + command + spacebar to get the menu shown above. Note: You need Mac OS X 10.9 or later. while Windows 8.1 and 10 users can just select Touch Keyboard, then the smiley face on the bottom left.

Just because your computer normally doesn’t say much, doesn’t mean that it can’t. You can actually make your computer talk by following a few simple instructions. If you own a Mac, go to your Finder, and then Applications. Next, search for Utilities, and finally Terminal. When the new windows will pop up, you can type “say” followed by whatever you want your laptop to say.

The Home and End keys come standard with most PC keyboards, but are missing on new Mac keyboards. These keys take you to the top of any page (home) or to the bottom (end). It comes in handy more than you think.

Do not store pencils, ear buds, books or any other items in your laptop case. The case should contain only your laptop and charger only. Be careful never to shut your ear buds in your laptop as this could crack your laptop display.

If you just want to upload photos from an iPhone or camera, then Image Capture will do the job in half the time. You can’t edit them, but you can do everything else. Preview your images, select the ones you want uploaded, choose the folder in which to upload them, and it’s done.

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