These Are The Cars, Owners Regret Buying The Most

Most people have experienced buyer’s remorse, that feeling of regret that sets in after spending money on something. Sometimes, when a purchase is relatively small or insignificant, a little bit of buyer’s remorse isn’t too terrible. In the case of a car or a home, fixing a poorly planned purchase decision can be a major and very expensive. Some car owners experience buyer’s remorse after one year of the car purchase.

The study identified seven new 2014 model year cars that stood out for having a significantly larger percentage of new cars sold as used after one year when compared with the average of 2.7 percent.

The Buick Regal, with 10.7 percent of 2014 Regals hitting the used market in just a year. Second is the Chevy Sonic, 8.9 percent of which wind up being sold after just one year, followed by the BMW X1, with 7.8 percent sold off after a year.The Dodge Charger is fourth on the list with 7.7 percent sold after a year of ownership, followed by the Mercedes C-Class, sitting at 7.4 percent. Finally, the Chevy Cruze and Nissan Frontier close out the list, with 7.2 percent of Cruzes and 6.9 percent of Frontiers going bye bye after just one year. Four of the models came from American automakers, including three from General Motors. A pair of the regretted purchases were from German luxury brands and one model was from Japan.

All seven of these cars were ranked as average or worse in the 2014 suggesting that owners whose quality expectations aren’t met are quick to rid themselves of their new car.

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