The Best Family Holiday Destinations

Looking for a long holiday break along with your family? Well, there are many but choosing a specific destination will be hard for you. Don’t worry, there is so much to discover, experience and unfold in this family adventure. The fast pace of modern life can make it hard to find the time to really appreciate your loved ones. That’s why it is so important to get your family holiday just right. Travel is a great way for families to bond, so it’s well worth making the effort. But where in the world will you and your family spend precious moments that you will all cherish for years to come? Here are the 10 Best Family Holiday Destinations for a great holiday together:

10. Malaysia:

Malaysia is a centuries-old combination of Malay, Chinese, Indian, and British traditions. The kids can simultaneously watch incense waft up from the front of a Chinese temple, hear the call to prayer from the mosque down the street, and smell the inviting aroma of Indian food from the cart on the corner. It’s like visiting multiple countries all at one time.

9. Mexico:

Direct charter flights that make short work of the long-haul trip have made Mexico increasingly popular with British families over the last few years. The American influence in the resort of Cancun means great service and lots of child-friendly food options, while the Caribbean location provides picture-postcard beaches and deliciously warm water. There is also no shortage of activities, with historic Aztec sites such as Chichen Itza nearby and a Wet ‘n Wild park in Cancun itself.

8. Lapland:

Lapland in winter is like something sprung from a story book. Not only is this where Father Christmas actually, truly, honestly lives, but you can take sleighs pulled by dogs, ski, cheer on reindeer races on frozen lakes, go ice-fishing or snowmobile through forests. The long, polar nights from October to March offer the chance to view the stunning aurora borealis (northern lights), while in summer, you can explore the glorious national parks in endless daylight (the midnight sun brings continuous daylight from June to August) and raft down whitewater rivers.

7. Turkey:

A truly enchanting family holiday destination, there’s an array of activities, including diving and golf, to suite everyone. Sovereign has even selected hotels with an All-Inclusive option to make your luxury family holiday even more stress free.

6. Greek islands :

Gorgeous beaches and clear blue seas tempt thousands of British families to the Greek islands every year. These are not the islands’ only selling points, though. There is also something for everyone, with Corfu, Crete, Rhodes and Kos offering plenty to see and do and quieter islands such as Zante and Kefalonia providing a beautiful backdrop for more relaxing getaways.

5. Italy:

Italians love family, so in the Beautiful Country there’s no need to ghettoise yourself at kid-oriented beach clubs. You’ll get an effusive welcome all over the place and can feel relaxed in all but the most exclusive restaurants. People are used to children eating out and kids stay up late. There are breathtaking sights such as the ancient Colosseum, or frozen-in-time Pompeii, under the shadow of Vesuvius. Other delights include pizza, the world’s best ice-cream, beaches, boat trips, lakes, caves, mountains, and beautiful villas set in pea-green countryside where children can run, shout and play to their hearts’ content.

4. USA:

The USA, big, brash and exciting, is like several countries in one. The tropical state of Florida alone has plenty to keep families happy, with the incomparable Disneyworld as well as many other theme parks and attractions, making it perhaps the most popular family holidays destination.

3. Hawaii:

Volcanoes, snorkelling, sea turtles, white sands, crystal seas and submarines: the only difficulty likely when holidaying on Hawaii is choosing which island to visit and where to go first. There’s the steam from lava flowing into the ocean on Big Island, plus the chance to walk through the Thurston Lava Tube at Hawaii Volcanoes National Park.

2. Spain:

Villas with pool in Spain are plentiful, so if you just want to chill out while the kids splash around enjoying themselves, this might be your best option. If you rent a villa on the Mediterranean coast you also have the option of seaside fun as well, including sailing, banana boating, jet skiing and scuba diving.

1. England:

England offers some of the world’s most delightful holiday cottages. You can even find cottages with pool, and as the English are a nation of animal lovers there is a good chance of finding pet friendly accommodation, too. The unpredictable and changeable English climate adds to its charm, and is not a problem because there’s always something to do. From fun packed seaside resorts to moor lands, forests and mountains of astonishing beauty in which to roam, and from cities steeped in history and culture to charming picturesque villages, England will keep the family happy.

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