Get Your Clothes Done With These New Laundry Tips

They say “clothes maketh the man”. However, a good laundry helps you keep those clothes new and increase the life span of your clothes. How will you feel if your favorite pair of jeans or your favorite comfortable t shirt gets ruined by a coffee stain? or your winter friend, your sweater gets shrunk by two sizes. However easy as it may sound, doing a good laundry is not everyone’s cup of tea.

Here are a few hacks that will help you sail smoothly in doing your laundry well.

Don’t dump your clothes in the laundry

Many of us have this habit of dumping our clothes in the laundry when we are in a hurry. This will inturn make the clothes tangle when we wash and the material may become loose. Always zip up your jeans or zippers and button up all the shirts to avoid the buttons becoming loose. This is also save you the time which is wasted in detangling the clothes after they get washed. Also always turn your clothes around. This has two benefits. Firstly, the outer part won’t get faded due to harsh washing cycles. Secondly the inside of your fabric is in contact with the skin. It may be more dirty due to sweat, bacteria etc. Hence it is highly recommendable to wash your clothes inside out for better laundry.

Separate the whites and the colored clothing

If you have bought a new dark color blouse and you are not sure whether the dye color bleeds of that particular blouse, do not mix it with your whites. You might end up ruining your favorite white t shirt or dress. You can check the dye bleeding by soaking a part of your cloth in soap water and then squeezing it. If the water comes out clean you can wash the blouse with your colored clothing, else there are multiple home remedies to avoid color transfer or bleeding. You can set the color of the dye by soaking it in salt water along with few drops of vinegar for about half an hour. There are few more home remedies available which you can check on number of sites online.

Washing Machine Settings

Many of them have this predefined cycle in their machine which they use it daily without customizing it according to the clothes they are going to wash. Though all machines have variety of settings for super cleaning, quick wash, delicate washing, warm clothes washing etc. But hardly people fidget with the settings. Always try to customize your machine settings according to the clothes you are going to wash. If you are washing delicate clothing you may use gentle washing, or wrap your clothes in mesh laundry bag and then put it in normal washing cycle to avoid them from getting torn or faded. If you have hard stained clothing, try using extra cleaning or super cleaning settings in your machine. These settings are built in the washing machine for the purpose of customization. It is high time people start using it on daily basis to increase the longevity of the clothes.

Do not wash your Denims

No you haven’t read the heading wrong. It is absolutely true that you can have long lasting denims if you wash it less frequently or not wash at all. Washing denims reduces their longevity by almost fifty percent. A quick hack to remove denim stain is to treat the stain on the jeans and then wrap them up in zip lock bag and put them away in the freezer. It will not only remove the stain but will also remove any type of stink and will kill the bacteria also.

Use wrinkle free clothing

Try to buy wrinkle free clothing as ironing your clothes after washing will make the color fade. Once you dry your clothes try to keep them in an organized fashion. Dumping them in your wardrobe will increase the wrinkles. Try to spread your clothes when you hang them in your wardrobe. Also wet clothing is a breeding ground for bacteria.

Few Quick Hacks

Try using homemade laundry soap instead of chemically infused harsh detergents. If you browse online you may find a number of DIY videos on making herbal laundry soaps. If your towel stinks and you are tired of washing the heavy piece of clothing, try using baking soda and vinegar. It will not only remove the towel stink but will also make them look fresh and dry. You can use baby shampoos for your winter favorites. If your sweaters regularly shrunk in size due to excessive washing try using baby shampoo for the same. Just soak your winter clothing in baby shampoo and water and gently rub of the excess dirt and stains.

Hopefully these tips work as wonders when you go for your next laundry!

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