Super Healthy Foods To Keep You Fit

New food fads keep on coming up every now and then. Recent one is the trend of super healthy foods. Super foods are foods that are high on nutrient value with good number of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants. It is said that people who consume superfoods are healthier and fitter than their counterparts. They increase your resistance, stamina and have a number of health benefits associated with them. Fruits, nuts , etc. are known as powerhouse of nutrients and are one of the super healthy foods.

A few things about existence—and to what extent we get the opportunity to appreciate it—are out of our control. Be that as it may, developing food science research, and additionally information gathered from individuals in their 90s and past, shows what, when, and how we eat affects to what extent we live. Need to eat for a long and solid life? Here are few great super foods which will help you keep fit

Broccoli, grapes, and plate of mixed greens

It is scientifically proven that diet which consist of fruits and vegetables is very much high in nutrients and low on calories. It helps you lead a long and healthy life. Broccoli is also known for its cancer avoiding benefits. It not only prevents cancer but also aids weight loss

Weight Loss Superfood Like Nuts

Alleged superfoods are nutritious powerhouses that help you strengthen bones, counteract chronic sicknesses, enhance your visual perception, and even keep your psyche sharp. These super foods not only help you to reduce weight but also maintain that weight. Walnuts contain omega 3 fatty acids which reduce bad cholesterol. They also have anti-cancer properties. The help you stay safe from sun damage. Not only this, they are also known as mood boosters.


Beans have high amount of protein which is beneficial for the wear and tear of your body as well as for good hair growth. They do not contain any of the saturated fat.


Avocados have the good fat for the body. They have monosaturated fats consisting of oleic acid which controls your hunger pangs. But it is only helpful in minute quantity. Half or quarter of an avocado is more than enough to show its benefits


As mentioned above fruits work wonders on our health. But specifically blue berries help in anti-aging. A bowl of blue berries not only will help your skin but also will help you feel fuller for a long time.

Brown Rice

Brown rice is far healthier than its white counterpart. It is low in calories but gives you a fuller feeling after having it. It is high in fiber and increases the metabolism rate and helps in fat burning


Most of you might be happy to see this in our healthy super foods list. It is proved by medical researches that Wine in moderate quantity is good for heart. It has an antioxidant that avoids fat storage in our body.


Irrespective of the fact that you don’t transformed anything else about your eating regimen, eating a large portion of a grapefruit before every meal may help you lose certain amount of weight weekly. A compound in grapefruit can bring down insulin, a fat-stockpiling hormone, and that can increase weight loss mechanism.


Nuts are rich in solid fats that help you thin down. Almonds specifically can help you lose weight: In one study, individuals who included nuts in their daily regime lost more weight than individuals who took after the same eating routine however exchanged almonds for a carb-substantial nibble like wafers.

Green Tea

Green tea is not only refreshing drink but also help you lose extra pounds. It targets the belly fat area and helps you tone down your body for a much fitter and healthier look.


Lemon consists of one of the highest amount of Vitamin C. It helps to improve the bone strength and good cholesterol levels. The also help to prevent cancer spreading cells.


Just as lemons, oranges are also rich source of Vitamin C. It is also rich source of fiber. The water storing fruit helps you feel full for a longer period of time without adding calories.


Though most of you might think bananas make you fat, it is actually vice versa. Bananas are known for improving digestion system. It is known as thinning superfood. Bananas are also high in iron and fiber.

Dark Chocolate

All the chocolate lovers, here is the good news! A small amount of dark chocolate can reduce blood pressure and also has anti-oxidants which reduce bad cholesterol and increase good cholesterol.


Garlic can avoid the growth of bacteria working as an anti-inflammatory. It works wonders in reducing blood pressure and cholesterol levels if taken in very minute quantity daily.

This list is never ending. But these are the ones that you can include in your daily diet to lead a healthy lifestyle.

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