Golden Rules Of Good Hair Care

Who doesn’t like their nicely tamed flowy manes which you see in haircare product’s ads? Some of them are genetically blessed with beautiful hair while some have to struggle their entire life to get their hair fall in perfection. Here are some few tips to get long, flowy and smooth hair.

Avoid frequent hair wash

Yes, you read it right! Most researchers have found that when you wash your hair frequently, you lose the natural hair’s oil which are essential to protect the hair and the scalp. In turn excess hair oil is created as the body’s tendency to safe guard your hair. This will make your hair oilier rather the clean. Also choose the conditioner and shampoo according to your hair type. If you have colored hair, color shampoos will work the best in retaining the color and the texture for your hair.

Brush your mane twice

Detangling your hair and brushing your hair could improve your blood circulation as the brushes activate the cells on your scalp. But as mentioned above, nothing in access is good. Just as in case of hair wash, you should not brush your hair more frequently as it tends to result into hair fall. Researchers suggest you should brush your hair twice, once in the morning and secondly before going to bed. If you go with entangled hair to bed, chances are there that your hair may break frequently due to tension of the hair band and tangled hair. Also brush your hair from bottom to top.

Using good conditioner

Always use conditioner which suit your hair type. If you use damage control conditioner on your normal perfectly fine hair, the harsh chemicals may end up actually damaging your hair rather than vice versa. Never apply conditioner on the scalp. Since it will make the scalp greasier. Rather apply shampoo on the scalp and apply conditioner on the roots. Always remember to wash your hair properly once you shampoo and condition them. Also there are a few sites recommending to towel dry your hair before you condition it. The reasoning behind this is, when you have wet hair, the conditioner cannot seep into the hair strands and hence you cannot see any visible results. Also avoid hot showers since they open the pores on the scalp and that may result into dandruff problems. Also it could dry your hair resulting into more breakage. You can opt for leave on hair conditioners which could save you the time of washing your hair and also add that extra shine.

Oiling your hair

A good head massage and hair oiling could work wonders on stressful days. Hair oiling not only helps to nourish your hair but also helps in calming down from a hard day’s work. Frequent dry hair could result into breakage and rough hair. It is more advisable to oil your hair once after few days before shampoo to keep your hair soft and bouncy. Also a good head massage along with it will help to increase the blood circulation.

Avoid daily blow drying

You might be in a hurry to dry your hair and you may use hair dryer for daily purpose. The harsh heat in the dryer tends to suck away the moisture in your hair and they may become rough, dull and lifeless. Hair loses its shine. Avoid using styling tools frequently. They are chemically loaded and will affect the quality of your hair. The gist is that try to keep your hair as natural as possible. Avoid the usage of artificial chemicals and styling products to keep your hair quality intact.

Hair products Hygiene

Your hair brushes need to be cleaned once a month with proper toothbrush or any brush which could remove the dirt and the hair strands that are stuck in them. Not only that, once you use hair brush or combs to comb your wet hair, dry them properly before using it again.

Healthy Diet

You are what you eat. If you constantly eat junk food and you do not have a regular lifestyle, chances are that it may result into hair fall and breakage. A good healthy diet with proteins, nutrients and leafy vegetables accelerate good hair growth rate.

Use of natural remedies

The more you use natural remedies for your good hair growth, the better. Though number of hair products are available online which could fool you with their marketing skill and ads. It is necessary to know the effects of these products in the long run. Use of natural products like aloe vera, eggs , castor oil will work wonders if you have enough patience to wait for the best results. Try to use these remedies according to your hair type and see which ones suit the best and follow that routine for great hair.

Hopefully these tips will help you break certain hair related myths and initiate long, strong hair.

Have a great hair day!

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