Business Owners Going For Ting Cell Phone Plans

Each business needs to keep their employees connected and communicating. May the cell phone be a BlackBerry, iPhone, or Android. Yet, everyone will agree that a cell phone is important and crucial to any business. ‘I’d say a cell phone is one of the main five elements of a business,’ says Vernard Martin, senior system manager for the Center for Comprehensive Informatics at Emory University in Atlanta. A missed text message, a dropped call, or the failure to access to a site can possibly cost an organization millions. Cell phone suppliers will attempt to reel you in with clever, eye-catching plugs and an apparently unending parade of new handsets brandishing new components they just can’t survive without. Your choice of how to prepare your workforce and which of the endless suppliers to partner with can make a major effect to your main concern in various ways, yet with a little research, the decision can be much less demanding than you expect

About everybody possesses a cell phone nowadays, however not everybody is certain they have the best cell phone plans for their necessities. So we reviewed and analysed many cell phone plans to help you locate the best valued one suitable for business needs, whether you’re searching for a family plan, a performance plan or a plan with huge amounts of data. Out of many, Ting seems to be the best and cheap one for business needs. Lets have a look at its plans.

First of all, the average monthly cost per device is $23 and the average Ting bill is $31.50. Ting service is on the Nationwide Sprint network and a nationwide GSM network, which both offer the latest and greatest network access (Tri-Band LTE and 4G/LTE). Ting offers voice roaming (including text messages) on the Verizon and AT&T network at no extra charge should you find yourself in one of the few places our carrier partner’s don’t reach.

Ting’s “pay only for the usage”:

Ting doesn’t generally have cell phone plans. Rather, Ting offers rates, for utilization over every device that fall under your bill. There are different rates for how long(minutes) you utilize, your instant messages and your data usage. In the event that you don’t utilize anything in one of those categories, you won’t be charged for it at end of the month. There’s a $6 month to month charge for every device you have on your statement.

Lets look at Ting’s rates:


  • 100 minutes: $3.
  • 500 minutes: $9.
  • 1,000 minutes: $18.
  • 2,100 minutes: $35.
  • Extra minutes past 2,100: 1.9 pennies for each moment.


  • 100 text: $3.
  • 1,000 text: $5.
  • 2,000 text: $8.
  • 4,800 text: $11.
  • Extra messages past 4,800: 0.25 penny for every text.


  • 100 megabytes: $3.
  • 500MB: $10.
  • 1 gigabyte: $16.
  • 2GB: $20.
  • Extra information past 2 GB: $10 per gigabyte.

Ting’s Network:

Ting is a versatile virtual system network, or MVNO, that has partnered with Sprint and T-Mobile for its coverage. This is uplifting news in case you’re contemplating changing to Ting, on the grounds that your present phone most likely is perfect with one of these networks.

Ting’s valuing is difficult to contrast and different bearers since most others give you unlimited talk and text with various tiers of data. Ting is yet calculating your minutes and text.

When you look at prepaid carriers costs, you’ll see that unlimited talk and text with 1GB of data runs $35 on Sprint’s prepaid service. For generally that same cost ($36) on Ting, you can utilize 100 minutes, 4,800 text and 1GB of data. (Ting isn’t generally a prepaid carrier as far as its billing is concerned, yet it’s contending in the same scene as paid ahead of time MVNOs.)

On Verizon’s prepaid service, you can get 2GB of information with boundless talk and text for $45. On Ting, $46 will get you 500 minutes, 4,800 text and 2GB of datas.

You could go down to 100 minutes and pay just $40 every month. In any case, Cricket gives you 2.5GB of data with boundless talk and text at that same cost.

On the off chance that you barely utilize your phone by any means, Ting turns out to be exceptionally modest: 100 minutes, 100 text and 100MB runs you $15 every month. In any case, you can get boundless talk and text with 1GB of information from Republic Wireless for $20.

So in case you’re a normal data user who barely chats on the phone, Ting can be cost aggressive against some prepaid bearers, yet not all. Substantial information clients ought to look somewhere else.

Ting permits clients to bring their own particular device, or buy from a determination of devices from its site. Nonetheless, your phone should be a Sprint device to be perfect, and Blackberry devices are ineligible – yet the iPhone 6 and 6s, the Samsung Galaxy S6 and the HTC One M9 are all accessible, similar to a scope of moderate Android cell phones from LG, Samsung, Huawei, Motorola and that’s only the tip of the iceberg.

The pick-and-choose plan structure is hands-down great. The least level of plan is $3 for voice (100 minutes), $3 for text (100), and $3 for 100Mb of data. At that point there’s a $6 line expense and those troublesome service charges and taxes. Be that as it may, for $15/month, and the cost for the phone, you have a quite sweet plans.


Ting has magnificent client service and a financial plan benevolent arrangement structure, yet substantial information clients shouldn’t make a difference; you can show signs of improvement high-use bargains somewhere else.

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