Quick Storage Hacks For Your Apartment

If you are a student or a roommate sharing your tiny apartment with your friend or mate, you might face space shortage to keep your belongings well and organized. So many people have this habit or organizing their wardrobe every weekend and end up ruining it throughout the week due to hectic schedule. Here are some few hacks to improve the storage space in your apartment.

Try to install built-in shelves around the perimeter of your living room or bedroom. Try to install shelves which could be easily accessible. This will keep the lower space decluttered and you can easily remove things stored in these shelves without bending often.

If you have a nice cute studio apartment and you would love to have your dinner on the dining table rather than couch, the next hack is for you. Try to get an expanding or folding dining tables. These could work as dining tables when you have guests once you expand it. It could even be used a work desk when you fold it. If you are not using it frequently you can use it as a side table a save a lot of space. But it is important to get your measurements right. You would not want your table to get stuck around the door or waste space in your apartment.

Try to use doors for your advantage. Confused? So you can put towel rods behind your doors. These rods could work as towel hangers or you can hang your daily delicate clothing for faster access rather than ravaging your entire wardrobe for one small item. Installing huge mirrors in the living room can work wonders. It not only works as a décor accessory but also makes the room look larger than it actually is. If you even install a single light at the right space opposite to the mirror, it gives a brightening effect. But with the addition of mirror you have to take care of its cleaning and maintenance.

You can pick some great DIY hacks for room décor too. One of it is rolling drawers under the bed. Though most of us might have got the advice of having a storage underneath the bed, few of us look for other options. Try adding small roller wheels to your normal plastic boxes for storage and a small handle to pull it out. If you are in a hurry you wouldn’t have to mess out the entire bed for find something. These small drawers can be used to put your daily jewelry or stuff that needs to be grabbed while you are in a hurry.

If you have a stair case in your apartment, you can use under the stairs space to build your own cozy space. Most of them convert it as a storage space, but the more space you have more useless things we store. Rather than cluttering your entire apartment with closets and wardrobes, have one or two small chilling and cozy places where you can read a good book or have a good coffee.

Folding wall partitions is one of the invention we have to be thankful for. If you have guests coming in your apartment and you wish you get your own privacy, try using these. These folding walls work as great partition in apartments. You can even fold them and keep them at the side when not in use. If you do not wish to have these there is an alternative for curtains. Curtains will give this breezy feel to the whole bedroom while giving you ample privacy as well. Different designs are available in curtains which could give you contemporary look.

If you have small countertops and a number of things to put you can use, Tiered Storage. It not only saves the space horizontally; it also helps you fit the number of things in multiple tiers. Use shower rings to hang your t backs and tank tops. It will save the space as well as make it look ironed if hanged properly.

Also if you are a lover of heels this hack will help you store your heels without ruining them. Use crown molding to hang your lovely heels. This could double up as hanging rack for your clothes. You can hang your clothes in hanger and put them in these crown moldings.

Though there are innumerable hacks for storage for small spaces, it is advisable that you first declutter your apartment. Rather than increasing storage every now and then, reduce the useless stuff with this simple rule. If a stuff is not used for more than 3 months consecutively get rid of it. Decluttering will give your apartment a kind of spacious feel and will also give you that peace of mind since you can find everything easily and quickly!

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