Shopping Malls of Tomorrow

Many of us think the idea of a mall is outdated considering the internet taking over our lives.most of us have predicted the death of the mall.However the few of us that remain are right in the fact that malls are goin nowhere.Just as with times inorder to survive,the shopping malls of tomorrow are adapting.In the recent past, malls would usually begin and end with Contempo Casuals, Borders and french-fry-filled food courts. But this model has already started to transform into a fully functional center. The mall of tomorrow will have all the regular options, but alongside it will be gyms and innovative fitness centers, medical services and even schools, grocery stores and luxury spas.

The mall across the world delivers an important experience in many emerging markets. The three key offerings are physical safety, a hygienic place and climate control. In a world where turmoil is unlikely to disappear completely, going to the mall will still have relevance. We will go to the mall to be entertained and live our lives; to recreate, not just to shop.

Apparel will be more suited to our needs in the future:

The apparel factory of our future is robotic and compact. In Seoul, the epicenter of the digital world, we see the prototypes of that future shop where you have a body scanner linked to a magic box that takes in the required measurements and out comes the finished products.

Indeed, that combination of a personal shopping “bot” that knows all our measurements and manages our closet will take the guesswork out of lots of purchases and give us both customization and uniformity.

Mobile retail will have two means:

First is the way our smartphones now link us to a digital e-commerce universe. The second definition is retail that comes to us. Both in the sense of a farmers market that opens once a week on a specific street corner, but also a new version of the peddler’s wagon that finds us at the beach, the football game or on the street corner. It curates its goods and gets us at happy, if not vulnerable, moments.

While E-Commerce Grows,so will Brick-and-mortar:

There’s no arguing that e-Commerce is growing at a rapid pace and continuing to disrupt brick-and-mortar retail. Only the Internet makes it possible to shop at 2 a.m. in pajamas, choose from unlimited product options and score items cheaper than what can be found in a store.

Convenient as it is, the truth is that more money is still being spent offline than online, and that division of spending isn’t forecasted to reverse any time soon.

Feel and buy later:

The industry is also seeing dynamic shift in the purpose of brick-and-mortar stores, which, while still relevant to the Millennial generation on up, must be geared to the new digital customer — one who visits a store to touch the products, and then buys them from their mobile device and has them delivered the same day.Stores are already shifting from a place to buy and sell to a physical location where deeper customer connections can be built and offline loyalty can be fostered.

Retail and shopping in the next few years will be an incredible evolution to watch. Yes, we still will be shopping 30 years from now. The malls of yesterday and today will be largely gone. Retail has always been about birth, life and death; and just as in organics, that death ends up as compost that regenerates.

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