Shopping Can Be Good for Your Health

The first thought that comes to your mind when youy going through emotional pain like a break up or a bad event after the ice cream tubs have been emptied is……..sorry no drum rolls required……shopping. But there are better ways of treating a broken heart – including shopping.

It has finally be proved what we knew to be true – shopping is good for you! Now, did we really need research to prove that? You must be thinking after a heart break comes a huge bill.However, here is the best part,you dont have to.Walking between shops is an exercise you unconsciously execute.Here are some of the other additional benefits one gets from shopping:

1. Improves your mood

Shopping is associated with a sense of achievement. Go back to the time you were able to find a nice piece of jewelry at a thrift shop. You were elated to find a piece of jewelry that was unique and within your budget. Studies show that shopping isn’t just about materialism and torturing the man in your life; it’s actually good for your physical and mental well being. It releases endorphins, boosts your immune system, keeps your brain nimble, and even fulfills basic social needs.

2. Reduces Stress levels

Shopping leads you to interact with people in the form of fellow shoppers or sales representatives. In addition, shopping with a best friend, partner, or family member provides a bonding experience that can reduce stress levels.Men and women tend to think about clothes shopping differently. Trying to get your guy to go shopping with you can seem like a dead end until now.A solution to a much dreaded mall trip with your guy is to individually visit your designated stores and meet up for a quick lunch shortly afterward.

3. Improves mental acuity.

The mental, physical, and social aspect of shopping can not only keep your perception intact bt also improve it ,even in old age. When you shop, you are physically active by walking, going up and down escalators, and trying on clothes. The mental part of shopping is introduced when you check your budget, check which on-sale item is better, and calculate your total cost.

4. Live longer.

Grab a shopping cart if you want to live longer. The act of shopping can reduce the risk of death in the elderly by 27 percent.”For example, elders may maintain a mall walking routine, perhaps regarded as shopping activity, although more to do with the need to belong to a community or keep physically active in a safe and convenient environment,” says a study.

5. Exercise.

Use your exercise gear to go hunting for deals.Shopping from one department store to the next while you carry heavy bags has been proven to be a good workout for the heart and body.Walking between shops and lifting heavy shopping bags provides a workout which burns 385 calories a week for the average woman.

6. Better self understanding

Animal prints are in but you’ve never dared to try them in front of partner. But then you feel an unexplained attraction towards them. So you secretly go to that shop and try that leopard print dress. And boom, you have transformed into a goddess .There are times when you feel that some clothes are not for you but how will you know unless you tried? For instance, a woman who always buys medium size clothes will jump for joy if out of the blue a pretty top in size small fits her curves perfectly. Trying on new things that flatters you not only enhances your body image but also your self-confidence which automatically gets a boost.

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