Shocking! Here's what Happened When We Tested the Top Probiotics

Probiotic bacteria could help you lose weight, gain energy and save your life! Hence, it is very essential to know the ingredients of probiotics which can improve intestinal function and maintain the integrity of the lining of the intestines. What is shocking is that the probiotics which are available in today’s market do not actually contain what is specified on the label. In fact, nearly all the probiotics are secretly formulated with genetically modified ingredients. One of the most common ingredient is maltodextrin-a polysaccharide that is used as a food additive.

Another point which we noticed was that virtually none of the probiotics are certified USDA organic. There has to a strong scientific reason behind that. But there isn’t! Why can”t they just make those ingredients organic? Well, here is something to worry. The dark secret is revealed- probiotics supplement manufacturers are not actually listing on the labels: Maltodextrin and other fillers and flow agents that are derived from GM corn.

Even the WHO(World health Organization) has recommended probiotics as a solution to a few health problems. But we are actually in the dark about what exactly are the ingredients of these probiotics! And why is that so? It is because the FDA does not require manufacturers to list fillers and flow agents as ingredients. So what does this mean? Any manufacturer of probiotics can literally genetically modify corn maltodextrin to their formula and there is absolutely no need for him to mention it on the label! It can even go to the extent of them using the word “natural” on their label.

This only makes us aware that we although we think we are buying a healthy product, we might be eating genetically modified corn byproducts and may not even know it! Don’t you think it is high time to avoid a health scare which can occur later in the future? So, what can be done to avoid such GMO’s in probiotics? Sweet and simply put- Only Buy certified USDA organic probiotics.

The Yale University panel of experts concluded that probiotics may be helpful to treat symptoms of irritable bowel syndrome, vaginitis, diarrhea caused by C. difficile bacteria and Crohn’s disease. Hence, given the frequency that the consumption can be high, look out for signs that indicates for certified organic probiotics. If you find one, it is your first sign, since there are almost none in the market! A few recommended probiotics are:

  1. pHion Orange Probiotic Complex : This probiotic is Healthier Magazine Top Rated Probiotic. It helps to reduce colon cancer, lower cholesterol, lower blood pressure, improve the immunity system, etc.
  2. Sunbiotics certified USDA organic chewable probiotics : The Sunbiotics certified USDA organic chewable probiotics tablets are made with friendly bacteria strains carried on organic yacon root powder.
  3. The other ingredients are organic coconut sugar (low glycemic), organic vanilla flavor and silica.Health Beyond Hype Probiotic Complex. This supplement also comes with a huge benefit package. However, it seems to be a bit priced given that the purpose served is the same.

Hence, your search for the best probiotic has come to an end. We need to face the ugly truth and make sure that we give the bottle a thorough check for the ingredients before purchasing it. A word of caution though. Probiotics may be dangerous for people with weakened immune systems or serious illnesses. One study found that patients with severe pancreatitis who were given probiotics had a higher risk of death.

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