The Secret Fruit For Weight Loss

People are attracted to the kiwi fruit because of its exotic taste but the real value comes from its health benefits.

Kiwi can help in weight loss :
Its low glycemic index and high fiber content is a result that kiwi does not create a b insulin rush. So the body does not respond by storing fat.

Kiwi helps digestions with enzymes :
Raw kiwi contains actinidain which dissolves protein and helps indigestion.

Kiwi helps in managing blood pressure :
It has high level of potassium which helps keeping your electrolytes in balance by counteracting the side effects of sodium.

Kiwi protects DNA from getting damaged :

The unique combination of antioxidants in kiwi fruit helps protect the cell DNA from oxidative damage. Some studies show that kiwi helps preventing cancer. [adspot_right]

Kiwi boosts immune system :
High level of vitamin C and other antioxidant compounds helps boosting the immunity.

It protects cardiovascular System :
Eating kiwi fruit every morning has the same effect as aspirin for heart health (reduced blood clotting), but without the side effects such as inflammation and bleeding in the intestinal tract.

It is helpful for eye sight :
Kiwi is a good source of lutein and zeaxanthin, natural chemicals found in the human eye.

Protects respiratory system :
The study shows that children eating 5-7 servings of kiwifruit per week had 44% less incidence of wheezing compared to children eating less than once a week.

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