Read On Tips To Increase Your Appliance Life

Home appliances plays an important role in making our lives easier and better. From the TV that we use to entertain ourselves to the grill to cook our favorite barbeque steak to the washing machine or dryer to wash and dry your clothes to the dishwasher to wash your dirty dishes to the air conditioner to keep you cool in the hot summers to the heaters that keep you warm in the cold winters to the oven to bake some awesome cakes to the freezer to chill the beer. We use all the appliances we have in our house to the best of its ability. Now think about if the appliance just gives up and stop working. It will be a bite on your budget to replace it or repair it. Here are some ways to increase your appliance life:

  1. Improve your dryer’s circulation:

The lint screen in your dryer needs to be cleaned regularly to avoid from getting clogged and getting overworked and overheated which could cause a fire. This is often forgotten and overtime the machine breaks down. Clean the lint in the dryer every week and get and annual check and cleanup of the exhaust system done.

  1. Avoid overloading the washing machine:

Overloading the washing machine adds strain on the motor, the tub bearings and other parts and causes wear and tear of the parts. If the machine is overloaded not only will your clothes be not cleaned well but also shorten the life of the washing machine. It is best advised to only load the washing machine well below the limit by weighing your laundry before you wash it.

  1. Replace filters:

Whichever appliance it may be from Air conditioners to dishwashers to refrigerators or the one in your furnace, check the guidelines and clean and replace the filters whenever necessary and as per the instructions. It will help keep the health of your appliance and give you best results.

  1. Scrub your oven and range, too:

Use a rag with some cleaning solution to clean your oven or cooking range. Do not let the food debris to remain or stick to the burners. Even if you have to waste sometime to scrub and get out those tough stains get it done as it will reduce the life of your appliance. Avoid spraying cleaning fluid directly on the panels to avoid short circuits.

  1. Defrost your freezer:

Nowadays you get frost free freezers but if you have a manual defrost freezer its best you defrost it once or twice a year so as to avoid the frost layer getting too thick. Use a plastic or wooden scraper to remove the frost layer instead of knives or sharp instruments.

  1. Keep your fridge and freezer clean:

Appliances work best when they are kept clean and well maintained apart from that organizing your fridge and freezer and cleaning the insides with a solution. Clean the coils of the fridge and freezer to keep it in condition. Use some water with baking soda when you have unplugged your fridge and freezer and then wipe it dry with a towel or cloth.

  1. Don’t foil your oven:

Avoid using aluminum foil under the baking element of your oven to avoid damage. As it will cause the appliance to overheat because of the metal foil.

  1. Don’t use dish soap in the dishwasher:

Avoid using dish soap in the dishwasher as it may be too corrosive or cause gunky buildup. Use only dishwasher detergent that is suited for your dishwasher.

  1. Watch where you apply stain removers:

Stain remover solutions are highly corrosive and should only be applied where necessary. If you apply it on plastic or painted parts, it may corrode the area. So avoid and use only on metal or use milder stain removers.

  1. Scrape off plates:

Clean up plates well before placing them in the dishwasher to avoid food debris getting stuck and affecting the dishwasher. It will help you keep the dishwasher clean and tidy.

Some other tips could be like avoid plugging in the appliance when it is not in use, dusting the products from time to time so as to avoid it from settling in and getting stuck due to moisture. Painting the appliances from time to time if they are rusting. Getting an annual check done and replacing spare parts when necessary. It is advised not to use the appliance if you feel there is an issue with it. It’s better to call a guy to repair or service the appliance than using it and then eventually having to replace the entire appliance. It’s always advised to fix minor issues better it’s a major one. Unusual leaks and noises should be checked as they will reduce the cost of maintaining and prolong the life of the appliance.

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