Pet Health Fact or Pet Health Myth

There are several things about pets you read online or just find out from somewhere. But how many of them are true ad how many are just myths? Lets find out few pet health facts and myths:

Listed Below Are Few Common Pet Health Myths:

Cats Need Milk :

Cats and dogs don’t have the ability to appropriately break down the lactose in dairy, and consuming milk can lead to diarrhea, vomiting, and other issues.

It’s OK To Kiss Your Dog :

A dog’s tongue is not safe for the environment. People with weak immune systems should refrain from getting licked on the face.

 While dogs are inherently prone to licking gross things, as a pet owner you can keep your pet’s mouth clean and free of dental disease by just brushing your dog’s teeth.

Flea Collars Are Effective :

Flea collars do not work. Dogs with flea collars have fleas running all over the rump of the animal. Never mix up cat and dog products as products designed for dogs can be deadly if applied to cats.

Now Here Are Come Common Pet Health Facts:

A Wagging Tail Means A Dog Is Happy.

A relaxed, wagging tail means the dog is happy to see you, but if the tail is wagging very fast, it means your dog is upset with you

A Dry Nose Means Your Dog Is Sick :

When dogs are dehydrated or have an infection, their noses may become dry. If you notice your dog’s nose is dry, look for other signs like dry patches on the skin and a temperature of more than 101.5° F.

Cats And Dogs Can Get Dementia :

Pets are more likely to develop dementia as they age as we’re feeding our pets better and they’re living longer. Pets that already have dementia can be treated with medication.

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