Office Politics – 8 Reasons You Don’t Fit In

You Get Involved In Office Politics

Office politics can be incredibly messy, and if you get involved, you shouldn’t be surprised if things turn nasty for you. The danger with joining in this struggle for power and influence in the office is it is going to mean you make enemies. These ongoing-battles in the workplace are usually over trivial stuff but they can lead to a bad atmosphere that can last years.

If you want to improve your relationship with work colleagues, you need to avoid getting involved in office politics. These people are going to try to get you to join one side or the other but you need to be able to rise above it. It just isn’t worth causing bad feelings unless the issue is really important to you. The most popular person in the office is usually the one that always manages to stay out of the gossiping and bickering.

You Are Not A Team Player

If you don’t make an effort to fit in with the team, you may be viewed as a threat to it. Other people are going to become resentful if they feel they need to work harder to make up for your deficiencies.

It is also going to cause annoyance if you try to grab the glory for something that was a team effort. Some of us do work better alone, but if your job requires you to be involved in teamwork, you need to do what is expected to fit in.

You Don’t Make An Effort To Socialize

It is understandable that many of us like to keep our social life and our work life separate. The problem is that if you don’t make an effort to socialize with work colleagues, it is going to be harder to form close bonds with them – you may also develop a reputation for being a bit stuck-up.

You don’t have to go out with people at the office all the time but even doing it a couple of times a year can improve your relationships with these people.

You Created A Bad First Impression

Once work colleagues decide they don’t like you, it can take a lot to get these people to change their mind. This negative assessment may have been made on your first day, but it is continuing to impact interactions in the office. One thing you could try to do to recover from a bad first impression is to joke about how nervous you were during your first days as a new employee. A bit of self-deprecating humor can be an effective way to explain your side of things without appearing overly-offensive. The fact that you are having this conversation in a lighthearted way also means your colleagues may feel more comfortable about admitting to any harsh judgments they have made about you.

Make an appearance

Even if you hate socializing, showing up once in a while can go a long way, points out career coach Sarah Stamboulie. “Even if you’re awkward, people will be nice, because at least you’re trying,” she says.

You’re lazy

Never one to come forward with an idea or offer to pick up the extra work. You coast by, letting others take the reins. Last in, first out! It’s never your job, always someone else’s. Everybody dreads getting stuck with you on joint projects. Beware the wrath of the person who gets stuck doing what you should be doing.

You Are The Victim Of Malicious Gossip

Rumors spread around offices like a virus, and they can be started because of a misunderstanding, or even just because somebody just wants to make life difficult for you. This can be one of the hardest barriers to healthy office relationships because you may be completely unaware of the content of the gossip. If you work in an environment where there is excessive gossip, you might want to avoid sharing personal information. If there is one person who is responsible for the gossip, you may need to confront them about if – in the worst case scenario, you may have no choice but to complain to your superiors.

You steal credit

I once worked with someone who would tell our superiors, “we” came up with an idea, when it was actually my idea, or, even worse, outright claim the idea was hers. RIGHT IN FRONT OF ME. I never figured out if she was deluded or crafty, at which she was weirdly successful because I would have looked like a child correcting her so she got away with it.

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