Myths About Cruise Ships and Cruising

Don’t let misconceptions scare you away from taking a cruise. Are you thinking about taking a cruise vacation to get away from all the snow, but you’re just not sure if it will be the right vacation for you and your family? Those who have never cruised before may have all sorts of misconceptions about what a cruise vacation is really like. Although over 20 million people cruise every year, many other travelers avoid cruises because of one of the myths listed below. Cruising is a wonderful vacation option. Don’t let these myths keep you from planning a cruise.

Cruise ships are crowded –
Although a cruise ship with over 3000 passengers can seem crowded at times, it is no more so than most hotels, restaurants, or resorts. Cruise ship managers understand crowd control much like they do at Disney World. Luxury cruise ships usually have plenty of space per passenger and many spacious common areas.

I will suffer from seasickness –
Far too many travellers fear seasickness, and even though they may have suffered symptoms on a rocky trip across the harbour on a small boat, today┬┤s cruise ships are very stable, and seasickness is uncommon.

I’ll be forced to eat at specific times –
Unlike other cruise lines, with Freestyle Cruising, there are no set dining times, no set dining companions and there’s no pre-assigned seating.

I won’t have fun –
Cruise lines work hard to keep you entertained. Many ships offer lectures and movies, as well as spas, gyms, pools, and activities for kids.

I won’t get a good meal-
You can get a good meal even in the Lido buffet (where you can go in your shorts) on many ships. There will be an eye-popping assortment of options from Asian dishes to pizza.

My kids will be bored silly –
From kid’s pools, water slides, bowling alleys, sports courts, 2-story Wii screens and more, kids may get silly, but never bored.

There’s no time to explore ports –
At many ports you will have a full day to explore. You can book a shore excursion or go off on your own. They key is to do research, have a plan, get a map, and don’t dawdle in getting off the ship.

If there’s still anything you’re unsure about, better ask a family member or friend who’s sampled the delights of a cruise holiday we’re sure they’ll put your mind at ease.

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