Mini Kitchen Makeovers

Upgrading your kitchen needn’t cost a fortune. Here are few tips to see how painted cabinets, stylish task lighting, vintage fixtures, and clever storage ideas can create made-to-order looks for less.

1. Get Creative with the Cabinets

If your cabinets are a bit dated, but in good condition, a very affordable solution is simply to paint them. For a contemporary look consider grey, blue, yellow, or even black depending on your tastes and the finish of your appliances. A splash of colour will add new life without costing a fortune.

2. A Counter Top Option for Every Budget

New countertops will give any kitchen, big or small, an updated look. Depending on your budget there are a variety of options to choose from starting with the more economical laminates, which now come in a large variety of colours and textures, to the classic granites and marbles. But if it’s a trendy style you seek go for the woods, concrete and metals such as pewter, copper or stainless steel.

3. Backsplash Options are Limited Only by your Imagination

It’s amazing what a decorative tile back splash can add to the look and feel of a kitchen. It’s a relatively simple DIY project, even for a novice. Add drama by creating your own pattern and design or by selecting two to three different colour variations or textures such as glass, stone or porcelain.

4. Faucet Meets Technology

The busiest traffic area in a kitchen is the faucet and the sink area. So whether you are a family with children or a couple who loves to cook it is recommended that selecting a faucet that provides functionality, durability and aesthetic appeal pulldown kitchen faucet with Motion Sense. No more worries about cross contamination when cooking, simply motion in one direction to turn on and motion in the opposite direction to turns off. And the new Spot Resist Stainless finish will resist water spots and fingerprints in the event you do choose to operate it manually.

5. Targeted Task Lighting

A standard ceiling light plus a couple of smaller ones above the sink and stove are about as good as it gets. Focus on light sources that don’t require electrical work, and install fresh fixtures in the same spots that are wired for the existing ones. If your budget is tight you can add stick-on lights,or install LED rope lighting. Install mini pendants over an island or a peninsula to bring light down from ceiling height to the work surface.

6. Vibrant Flooring

Enliven the whole look of your kitchen with a durable and naturally antimicrobial linoleum that reflects the colour of your wall paint. Add the cushion and durability of eco-friendly cork, or brighten up the room with floor paint. You can even epoxy-coat your garage floor to repel oil stains or get the warmth of wood with a floating floor. An underfoot update can leave guests, well, floored.

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