The Most and Least Healthy States In America

America’s Health Rankings has listed the most and least healthiest states in America. According to these rankings, Hawaii is the most healthy while Mississippi is the least healthy state in America.


– Percent obese: 23.6% (3rd lowest)
– Cardiovascular deaths per 100,000: 209 (3rd lowest)
– Physicians per 100,000: 139.4 (9th highest)
– Percent visiting dentist in 2012: 70.4% (12th highest)


– Percent obese: 34.6% (2nd highest)
– Cardiovascular deaths per 100,000: 358.6 (the highest)
– Physicians per 100,000: 82.1 (2nd lowest)
– Pct. visiting dentist in 2012: 55.4% (2nd lowest)

Why Hawaii is the healthiest state:

If you are wondering why Hawaii is the healthiest state in the country, you probably won’t cite the low percentage of smokers as an important factor though low rates of uninsured, low obesity rates, and high rates of childhood immunization that recently made Hawaii America’s healthiest state. People in Hawaii also feel healthier, which after all is just as important. Hawaii is a very silent and peaceful place. You see something awe inspiring in Hawaii on a regular basis. It helps to soothe and calm the mind leading to healthy lifestyle of the people. If the energy is positive and the whole area pollution free, it helps to stay healthy and calm.

Why Mississippi is the unhealthiest state:

This year’s unhealthiest state was Mississippi, which is known for having some of the highest rates in the nation for physical inactivity, obesity, and diabetes, as well as infectious diseases such as Chlamydia and salmonella. The child poverty rate is high here and cases of infectious diseases are also many. Obesity rates are high in Mississippi. People need to take a step to decrease the health hazards faced by Mississippi and make it one of the healthiest states. Though it is a challenge, it can be achieved by the collective effort of all the people.

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