Launch A Tech Startup Without Technology

Coming up with an innovation tech business idea is in itself a big achievement but the real deal is having the right technology at the right place and at the right time. This is particularly difficult for the entrepreneurs who have absolutely no clue or idea of the technical interface. So if you have an awesome business ideas and approach the investors to chip in their money, there are chances that your business idea would be stolen without your notice.

So, what will you do if you have a tech start up idea but no technical knowledge about it? You are stuck between the options of whether to build the technology or to build a community to create an ideal user experience. So we have these two different approaches: does technology or community come first? Before we answer that, it might help to answer another question: what can you do to build the ideal user experience? What is the user flow like? Where are the buttons laid out? Well, if you have the time to build a community of users first and if your services agree to such option, then you should go ahead with it. Building the tech first has the odds that it may or may not work, or at least need to be iterate again and again every time it doesn’t work. This will help you save a lot of your precious time, efforts and money. The ability to get a company up and running in today’s day and age is just so much easier than it was a decade ago.

Another way is to venture in with a large company. When big companies do business with a younger technology company, they want to establish a level of trust, they have the technology that you need. All you need to have is a great business idea.

Well, if you want to do it all by yourself, make a rough idea/drawings and try to put it on paper. Don’t worry about the technical details. Build your financial models. Ask friends for help whom you trust, or involve college students in building up the model. You can create a pool of talented tech students to help you out. You need to look out the financial, marketing and the research part of your product and keep on improving for better experience. Once you get some traction and start having something more than an idea you can start looking at upgrading your talent and applying to Accelerators. And that’s how you get it right!

Whether a founder has a technical background or not, the opportunity to turn a great idea into a business is becoming a global phenomenon. Starting a Tech Business does a great job of describing all of the important details required to master start ups. You need to prove yourself by standing on the front lines, chasing down new business, and driving revenue. In a start up, you’re not going to earn your team’s trust by barking orders from the sidelines. Get your hands dirty and lead from the front. From here, find a scalable business model and you’ll be well.

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