Intorverts Guide to Shopping

Introverts often find shopping terrifying. They feel overwhelmed by too much external stimulation and tremble at the thought of searching through endless racks of clothing in a bustling store.But, even the most shopping-reluctant introverts cannot avoid it. Maybe you have a wedding to attend and suddenly realize that your old suit is worn out. Or maybe with the arrival of warmer weather, you need to refresh your work wardrobe.

Even if you hate shopping, it doesn’t have to be as painful as you might think. Here are the best tips to make shopping as pleasant and effortless as possible.

1. Research.

Do not wait until you’re physically at the store to figure out what you need. You’ll only end up delay your shopping and feeling even more upset. Rather, do what introverts do best – prepare! Take stock of your closet, and decide what you need most. Make a “wish list” in case you don’t have time to shop for everything. By honing in on exactly what you need, you’ll save valuable time and energy.

2. Pre-shop.

Before your shopping trip, log in to the store’s website and get an idea of their styles and prices. Make a note of what interests you, and read reviews to get a sense of whether other customers have found certain items to be worthy. By checking out a store’s selection in advance, you’ll have time to check out the options and spare yourself the pain of crossing a baffle of selection at the store.

3. Consider timing.

Introvetrs hate crowd. If you shop during peak times, it may turn out to be a nightmare for you. You may be exhausted by time you’ve found a parking spot and finally made it to your favorite store. To avoid this, time your shopping trips strategically and avoid peak shopping times. Shop in the morning or right before a shop closes, and you’ll enjoy shorter lines and easier parking. Shop for only as long as you feel fresh and energized. Stay energized by taking mini-breaks for water, snacks, or a simply a quiet moment.

4. Shop online.

Introverts love shopping from the comfort of their homes. However, online shopping can be a difficult if you order the wrong size. Instead, use information from your in-person shopping to inform your choices online. For example, if you purchased an item from a brick-and-mortar store and love it, order that item in the same size from the store’s website. Stores offer a greater selection online.

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