Infrared Grills Explained

Infrared grilling is a new trend when it comes to outdoor cooking. Infrared grills use infrared technology to create the heat source or an optional burner on a gas grill.

Basic Infrared Working Concept

The surface of the food is the basic focus of infrared grills. Instead of just dissipating heat into the air, it concentrates only on the food and not on the area around it like a conventional gas or charcoal grill. The heat reflects off the ceramic plates in the grill just resulting into extreme concentration. The heat furthermore is focused on the grilling surface through tiny holes thus cooking the foods at temperature that are impossible to attain with the usual gas or charcoal grills.

Conventional gas grill will use flames to heat up the grates directly. Infrared grills, on the other hand, have an infrared element located between the flame and grates. This means that the gas heats up the infrared element and that item in turn radiates the intense heat to your food.

What makes them different?

Other than the fact that infrared grills are able to reach much higher cooking temperatures than the other traditional and primitive grills, it also has to ability to heat up faster than the others. When used properly it rarely infused any coal like smoky flavour into the food cooked on it. Also infrared grills are highly durable and seals flavours and juices with intense heat.


When infrared technology was first used by the grill makes, they used ceramic tile burners, but they were not working as well, so they still introduced a good amount of wasted hot air. But this allowed them to emit enough radiant energy to cook at about half the infrared capacity. Recent technology encased the gas burner under number of stainless steel layered emitters. These layers prohibit all airflow and thus caused the burner to produce a huge amount of radiant energy thus using the whole infrared capacity and taking barbeque cooking to a whole new level.

Exclusive Features

These grills heat faster and use less gas and energy.The design lets you heat your food more evenly while grilling.These grills are versatile enough to cook steak, chicken, seafood or even vegetables. The food can be cooked faster due to higher temperatures. And you can have meat that is better tasting as the meat gets locked in.

The fact that the heat gets sent right to your food means that you can grill and have the lid open. This prevents over- or under-heating as you can watch your food cook. The juices will drip right onto the burner, where they instantly vaporize, so there are fewer flare-ups.You spend less time by the grill, so you can use it more often.

Final Verdict

The predilections for grilling might vary as per the person using the grill. Those who want the smoky flavour of charcoal and can’t wait for long or deal with messiness should consider infrared grills. Although they are tricky to master and expensive to purchase, they offer a best-of-both-worlds alternative for grill masters.

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