How to Take Good Care of Your Laptop?

While your laptop is designed and tested to hold up to a lot of use, common sense should tell you that you should not misuse your machine. As a result of some hard lessons students have learned in the past few years, here are some things that should be kept in mind while handling a laptop –

A laptop should be always kept clean and safe. Keep your food and water away from your laptop as liquids can damage or short internal components, corrupt data and make keys stick or not function. Food stuck in between the keys can invite small bugs, damage circuitry and make the laptop look dirty. Always use dirt and oil free hands while using a laptop. You don’t always need portability. When working at your desk, plug in a full-sized monitor, keyboard, and mouse. Not only does this get around the food and beverage problem discussed above, but it protects items far more valuable than your laptop your arms, hands, and eyes.

Protecting your screen is another important task. Make sure there are no obstructions on your keyboard when you are shutting the lid. Items like these can dent, scratch or even crack the screen. While holding and lifting your laptop always hold it from the base and not by its display. Do not pull on the power cord , it can damage the cord. Instead safely plug it out and disconnect from the wall socket. Leaving a laptop plugged in after the battery is fully charged will reduce the overall lifetime of the battery.

Always check that your laptop does not have too much of software and bloat-wares running around as they keep eating the precious memory which is required for playing games or doing other high-end tasks. Make sure that while downloading stuff from the web you do not download unwanted installers which are usually created to install unwanted software which are provided as freeware for providing the file which you require. Take care that if you use a laptop not to use it in places full of dust flying around as it may block the heat escape routes over a period of time and thereby make your laptop much hot faster than usual.

Combine all of the above tactics and help your laptop enjoy a happier and healthier lifestyle.

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