How to Choose the Right Pet for Your Child

Having a pet can be a amazing experience for a child. Pets love us unconditionally. They’re also great for our health — mentally and physically. Pets can help boost self-esteem, prevent loneliness, and even lower heart rate and blood pressure in some people.

But remember that although pets give kids a sense of responsibility, only adults can be truly be in charge of them. Selecting the right pet is a serious decision that family members should make together.

Even before buying a pet a few questions have to be considered:

Is your child ready to help take care of a pet, and are you ready to supervise? Are you ready to set time aside for regular trips to the vet? Here are few of the ways in which you can choose an awesome pet for your child and thus give them a sense of responsibility:

1. Choosing a child friendly pet

Dogs, Cats, Birds, Fish.

You may have a dream doggie or favorite feline in mind, but when it comes to choosing the best pets for kids, not all animals are friendly: Some are too aggressive, while others are easily frightened. And some carry diseases and bacteria that can be harmful to little kids.

2. Stick to the common ones

A loving dog is the classic family pet, but which breeds make the best pets for kids? In general, mixed breeds are more easygoing than pure breeds, and larger breeds may be more tolerant of a child’s rough play than smaller dogs, who tend to nip and bark more easily.

Kittens are our all time favorites. Don’t believe me?google the king of the internet. Who can resist the crzy antics of a adorable feline? Notoriously independent cats need somewhat less care and attention than dogs, but no less commitment. Like dogs, cats require regular veterinary checkups and immunizations.

3. How your kids will interact with the pet

Your child should be able to understand basic instructions as he is told for the safety of the pet and himself. The way he handles the pet,the way he plays wih the animal should also be considered.Walking or feeding the pet should be taken care of at appropriate times.

4. Size of the Pet

Normally its good to start with a small pet since it is easier to handle and take care.Pet shops can help you with the same.

5. Pet care

Just as you would like to be cleaned daily so does your pet.Trips to the vet,checking on your pets food,cleaning the tank(in case of fish) should be some of the few measures one should consider while choosing a pet.

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