Grow Your Own Herbs

No porch is too small, no kitchen too cramped to stop you growing your own herbs. The next time a recipe calls for fresh basil, skip the poor substitute of dried basil, forget the last-minute dash to the supermarket for some overpriced wilted basil, and just pluck a few tender leaves off of the basil plant you have growing in your very own herb garden. Growing your own herbs is a simple and inexpensive undertaking that pays off big for your taste buds and your budget. If you can keep a houseplant alive, you can sustain an herb garden

While pots of basil, coriander and parsley can be bought from the supermarket they are not that easy to maintain. Fresh herbs from the supermarket are grown in intensive, hot-house conditions, and can be fed with a host of unsavoury pesticides and fertilisers. Because they’re put under so much pressure to produce lots of lush leaves, their root-balls don’t develop properly, so they’re most likely to die as soon as you’ve got them home.

Each herb has a different aroma and taste. Choose ones you use the most often in your cooking. To get your herb garden started without any major problems, make sure to choose healthy plants, or grow your own from seed. This means that you should inspect plants before you bring them home and discard any that show signs of insect activity. If a plant looks suspicious, pass. Other things to keep in mind are:

  • Give Plants plenty of room.
  • Water Plants regularly.
  • Turn plant pots frequently to keep them growing evenly.
  • Go easy on the fertilizers.
  • Wait for the plants to reach 6-8 inches tall before harvesting.
  • Light is the most important element in growing indoor herbs.

Now that you have a thriving indoor herb garden, it’s time to start growing your vegetables indoors, too. Yes, indoor tomatoes, cucumbers and lettuce! You’ll be a household farmer in no time. Growing your own herbs indoors can be a rewarding experience that doesn’t require a lot of experience or effort to be successful. Their beauty and aroma are sure to inspire your cooking creativity.

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