Golden Rules of Home Storage

You were thinking about cleaning your house the other day but realized you had dumped everything into a corner because the fact is your lazy.Most of us determine that storage is needed and then stuff as much as possible into any space we have available. You’re moving, clearing out what you’ve stored up over a lifetime, or thinking about getting more organized, one question you’ll face is “how do I store all of this?” Storage if left unattended devolves into a mess and sort of defeats the purpose when it comes time to resurface your stored items. How often have you found that something you’ve stored is suddenly impossible to locate? Here are some of the golden rules which will help you get rid of the cluster you have set up at home and store the stuff you need better.:

1) It is better to Assign Value to the important things:
storage can just be used as an attachment to things which you said will be used later on.But you know deep down there’s a good chance you won’t. Create a system for determining what should be stored and what should be donated or thrown away. Old antiques,decorations and clothing and reusable items are typically some of the items worth storing.

2) If you get something in,you got to take something out:
It should be the rule of the thumb that if you have decided to buy something, you need to get rid of something from storage.Understandably, there are situations where this would not apply, e.g. if just moved into your first apartment and have nothing, or relocating across the country or the world and bringing only what you can take on the plane. But if you have what you need, you should always consider whether you can store the objects you’re about to purchase or accept.

3) Declutter yearly:
Take an inventory of t-shirts, shoes, or mugs or things which you would throw away after a years use.Get rid of unnecessary duplicates, items that are damaged beyond repair, or things no longer used.

4) Proximity is Key:
It is better to to store things near the area in which you will use them It makes sense because how often do you find yourself making one place a major dumping ground? Instead of dedicating one closet or one storage facility to everything, try to find out corners in multiple areas of your house to stow relevant items.

5) Label Everything you can:
Have you been storing all your belongings neatly and safely? But having to open every box, bin, and bag to retrieve one scarf?Its not very is it? Especially when dealing with longer-term storage, like off-season clothing under your bed or household items waiting in a storage unit until you move in a few years, take the time to label everything clearly.

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