Get the Best for Less – Comparison Shopping

We have all been there; bought a product only to realize it was cheaper somewhere else.Angry at ourselves for missing out on a good deal.Consumers have always been driven to price shop as haggling for the best price has been part of shopping since ancient times

Rather than depending on luck, what if you set out to find these savings? How much could you save?

Comparison-shopping is a very useful skill to help reduce your expenses and live within your means.

Realize the quality of the item and not just the price: Instead of purchasing a low quality item for a few dollars which would eventually get worn out in 6 months and purchasing it again,it is better to buy a high quality item which would last for years to come thus saving for the long term.

Buying on the internet. Sites like eBay,, Shopzilla ,Craigslist are great sources for many common household items. While eBay is preferred for smaller objects, Craigslist is a better for appliances and furniture.

Keeping the items in the shopping cart:Normally keeping the product in the shopping cart for a few days promotes the site to provide offers for the said product.

Don’t be fooled by outlet stores. You wont find a low price just because a branded store is located in a mall. In fact, the majority of retailers located in outlets offer rather expensive clothes, accessories for a higher price which is usually available online cheaply.

Check Online Shopping Apps for price comparison. Apps like RedLaser, ShopSavvy, BuyVia can be used to send alerts to your phone for price comparisons as well as offers on certain goods. Most large companies offer exclusive online discounts. Before purchasing a product from a store a simple google search can save you a few dollars and thus make your shopping experience more joyful.

Comparison-shopping is necessary to reduce expenses so they more closely align with you’re your income.

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