Five Ways To Get The Haircut You Really Want

We all wish to have good hairstyle, like the ones shown in the magazines! If only getting a fabulous new cut were as simple as tearing a photo out of a magazine and saying, “I want this! To make sure that you walk out of the salon with the broad smile and the style you wanted desperately, here are the 5 tips you should follow as suggested by famous stylist worldwide.

1. Stalk Your Stylist:
The best way to ensure you get a good haircut? Make sure you’re going to a good stylist. Do a bit of homework and research a potential stylist. Ask your friends if they have visited the stylist. Google the stylist’s name, ask around about his or her reputation.” When you see someone whose haircut you admire, ask where she got it. And before you book an appointment with anyone, look out for reviews from the clients.

2. Get Pictures Along:
If you are planning on getting more than a trim, take some pictures along with you to discuss with your stylist to map out your vision. Pictures helps your stylist identify your general tastes and idea.

3. Be Realistic:
“A head of hair is a lot like a fingerprint. There are general types, but no two are exactly alike,” says Angelo. “If you know a celebrity has a similar natural hair texture or color to yours, it’s a good bet that you’ll be able to achieve a similar look.” But remember, he cautions, a lot goes into to making a celebrity’s hair look amazing in photos: extensions, a glam squad, lighting and strategic angles all play a part. “Ask your stylist to give you a reality check before they get started.”.

4. Be Honest About Your Lifestyle:
Only you know how much time you’re really going to spend each morning styling your hair, how good you are at maneuvering a round brush or how important it’ll really be that you can pull your layers fully back into a ponytail. Before you commit to a new style, be honest, not only with your stylist but, more important, with yourself. It’s also helpful to show up with your normal, everyday hair the day of a haircut appointment. “This gives us a good understanding of texture and manageability—so no wacky treatments the day before, or excessively dirty hair,” Cutler advises.

5. Be Brave After A Bad Haircut:
Been wanting to try lowlights or see how you look with side-swept bangs? Well, when you’ve already got a haircut you don’t love, that’s the best possible time to get adventurous. “Face it—you already hate your haircut,” Banowetz says. “Why not experiment with a look you wouldn’t have tried otherwise?” You might just end up liking your cut a little better—or, worst-case scenario, you’ll make it even more horrible, and you and your girlfriends will someday be able to look back on these times and laugh.

Following these tips will help you get the hairstyle you were looking for. Look out for different styles, the styles that suit your hair, establish a bond with your stylist, pay attention to the product recommendations. Don’t make instant judgments, allow your hair cut to settle for a week. Take a risk, try a new hairstyle and get feedback from your friends, relatives and close ones and keep trying.

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