Fish Pedicure – Pros & Cons

Eating fish is great for skin. But on the contrary letting the fish eat you can also be good for skin.

What is a Fish Pedicure

It may sound creepy so brace yourselves. In a fish pedicure, you need to merge your feet in a tub filled with doctor fish- Garra rufa. The starving fish will then attack your feet and eat up all the dead skin and calluses.

This pedicure is not for the faint-hearted. If you have extremely bad feet, this pedicure promises to give you the feet like that of a baby.

For each customer separate tubs are provided that contain about 100 tiny fish. These fish are tooth-less so they just nibble on your dead skin and do not tear your skin.

The Pros

  • As the fish eat only dead skin, there is usually no worry of getting hurt. The customers can see difference in only one sitting.
  • The feeling of the fish nibbling your skin is pleasant and relaxing.
  • Fish spa is said to stimulate blood circulation, remove bacteria and reduce foot odour.
  • It can also help in healing athlete’s foot.
  • These fish can also stimulate acupuncture points which helps in regulating the nervous system.
  • This fish spa will give you clean and soft feet you always wanted.
  • People with diabetes, psoriasis or weakimmunesystems should avoid it completely
  • People may develop bacterial, viral and fungal infection due to this spa. If the water tank is not properly sterilized or the water is not changed within every 2-3 hours the infection risk ups
  • Some reports also states that a person might catch infection in three ways –

The Cons

1)From a fish or a fish tank

2)From tank water

3)From another person

If the fish that are used for the treatment are affected with any bacterial disease, the bacterial infection can be communicated to the person who is undergoing the spa therapy. If the fish is affected by bacterial disease like tuberculosis, the person who is undergoing the spa can be caught by the same.

  • If a person undergoing this pedicure treatment has any kind of cut in his feet then his body infection can be passed on to the other one if the water is not changed. If a user is infected with a blood-borne virus like HIV or hepatitis and bleeds in the water, there is a risk of infection to others.
  • Even though the fish have no teeth but still sometimes they can rupture your skin.

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