Fashion Mistakes Women Despise About Men

It’s clear that women care more about how they dress than men do. A man’s lack of interest in his appearance can totally turn off a woman. Look, guys, there are some mistakes that we can let slide, but some are downright deal breakers. Although a lot of women enjoy changing up their own look every season, they’re not so wild about men who do the same. For the most part, women wish men would stick to the classics and stay away from new-fangled looks. These trends, specifically, are the top ones men should veer away from if their goal is to impress the ladies.

  • Deep V-Necks : Some men have taken this trend a little too far, especially the hipster crowd, and it’s making women cringe. If you can see your chest hair or your pec cleavage in the v cut-out, it’s too deep of a V.
  • Untaliored suits : It is very expensive to have a tailored suit , however it is believed that every man should try and have one. But seeing a man in a suit that is clearly not his size tells one of the two things: a) you borrowed this because you’re cheap; b) you’re an idiot.
  • Holes and rips : It’s not okay to wear a tee shirt with a hole in it, or a sock, or those pants that are too long and are frayed on the bottom. Because women will stare at it.
  • A Hairless Body : Although women may like a shaven face, men shouldn’t take their razor any lower than that if they’re trying to impress a girl. Removing all traces of body hair has become a trend in recent years, but not all women are getting behind it. Hairless chests and legs belong on little boys, not on full grown men, according to most women.
  • Too Tight Skinny Jeans : There’s nothing wrong with a pair of tapered skinny jeans on a guy, but when the tightness of a man’s pants rival that of his girlfriend’s jeggings, things are out of hand.
  • The Man Purse : Men have seemingly become intrigued by the mysteries that lay inside a woman’s purse, when they decided they needed some of their own. Women have a lot of reasons to carry a purse a girl might need hand lotion, make up, or feminine hygiene products while she’s on the run.

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