Effective Ways To Save Time While Cooking

Cooking!! this word might be loved by few people and hated by few, there are many people who love cooking and many who just love to eat what is cooked, But cooking is passion for some and stress buster for some and hobby for few, for those who’s its passion they turn out to be a wonderful chef and give treats to their family and friends. Its always said that you can reach to a man’s heart through his stomach, yes its so dam true. And in this century cooking has reached to a different level with so much of innovation and creativity. Where people are mesmerized every now and den for those delicious food served on the table, but very few people know the hardwork behind the stage. But you might be even thinking how does restaurants do this in just few minutes after placing an order at the restaurant. Yes there must be some trick behind it. Or some magic for the same. No its no magic its just simple kitchen hacks which anyone could do, Here I would share a few hacks which would make you more efficient in your cooking skills.


Before you start cooking first plan what do you want to cook, how do you want it to look like, how do you want it to taste, for how many people would you love to serve for, what are the preference of the people who will be eating what you cooked. Other planning you would need to do is go through the recipe before you start with it.


You would have to do all preparations before hand, so that you wouldn’t panic at the moment if you fall short of something. If you need to boil something you can do that and keep before hand, you can even cut vegetables and keep, so that all you need to do is add all the ingredient and start with your cooking.

-Cook in batches: Cook as much as possible in the oven in one go to make sure all the space and heat is being used. You can always freeze portions of food to warm up at a later date.

-Clean as you go. Since clean up is one of the worst parts about cooking. Simply fill the sink with warm, soapy water, and as you finish with dishes, slide them into the water. Later, they’ll be easier to clean after a leisurely soaking, and you can usually just scrape or scrub them with a sponge and load ’em up in the dishwasher. Or finish washing by hand.

-Use weekend family time to get help preparing large meals for the week. By making these meals on Saturday and Sunday, you should have leftovers to alternate Monday-Wednesday. A quick meal on Thursday like grilled cheese and soup (from your freezer stash) and make-your-own pizza and salad night on Fridays for fun and you have real food on the table without cooking every night!

-Use a steamer to cook vegetables, that way you can layer a number of vegetables on top of each other and still use one ring, or use a pan with a divider.

-Always put lids on pans to keep the heat in.

-Choose the right size of burner or ring for the pan.

-Cut food into smaller pieces: that way it will cook more quickly

-Use glass or ceramic dishes: they’re the most efficient to use in the oven and can reduce the temperature required for cooking

When you’re not using your microwave, follow our top 10 tips to make sure your cooking is as efficient as possible.

-If you’re using an electric hob, choose flat-bottomed pans so the pan is in full contact with the ring.

-Coat A Measuring Spoon With Cooking Spray.

When you’re measuring sticky ingredients like honey, corn syrup, and molasses, always grease your spoon or else you’ll be digging it out with a spatula.

-Have A Trash Bowl.

You don’t want to get backed up while you cook with ingredient scraps cramping your space on a cutting board. You also don’t want to waste time making back-and-forth trips to the garbage. Have a separate bowl reserved with all your scraps while you prep to minimize mess.

Before you spit, “Obviously”, think back on the last time you actually read through the entire recipe before you started cooking. Thought so. By investing, oh, 30 seconds on the front end, might save your time. And you can utilize that time in creating your creativity in dressing your dish, because finally what matters is how good and presentable your dish looks. You should also taste the food before you serve the dish to others because you would know what is less and what ingredient is more. In that case you could save your dish by disliking it.

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