Easy Fundraising Ideas For Everyone

Fundraising is not an easy task. You have to come up with creative fundraising ideas to attract the attention of the crowd. There are different types of fundraising depending on its purpose. There are fundraiser programs for certain charity, schools, sports, church, crowdfunding, etc. You have to manage an event which can gather maximum participation without putting your friends, colleagues and relative under the pressure of donation.

Before you go ahead with any of these ideas, always make sure that your customers are well aware of the purpose of the fundraiser. Where do wish to proceed with your donations should be known to all. If the proceedings are going to a charity, then which charity are you supporting and for what. If it is for personal gain, then what do wish to do with that fundraiser (for eg using it for college, school or sports.)

Charity Fundraising

If you are supporting a cause, be firm about it. For eg there are adoption fundraising, animal fundraising, Anti-abortion fundraising, cancer fundraising. Just don’t support a cause for the heck of it. If you yourself don’t have enough conviction in the charity you are supporting, you cannot pitch in the idea to others. What is the reason that you are supporting a cause? You should also be well versed with the charity and the cause. For eg. If you are supporting cancer, you should be aware of its researches and well versed with it.

The most basic idea is Auctions. Firstly, you have to decide on the type of auction you wish to carry on. Either traditional auction (like garage sale) or online auction (including mobile apps as well). Once you decide your course of action, you can further split your strategy regarding the same. For eg. If you wish to go ahead with a traditional fundraiser, you can have a small garage sale auction in your own house. But be sure that you live on a crowded street. If you live in the interiors chances are that most of them might not know about it and the others might not come thinking about paying more for traveling, then the yard sale products.

If you wish to go the digital way try installing integrated apps in your mobile for auction payment processing. Market your event well with different social medias. If you have a fundraiser that is going to work throughout the year, go ahead with subscription letters for those who would like to get in touch with you throughout the year.

School Fundraising

For school fundraising there are few hacks that are mentioned here. First is try to organize the fundraiser in the start of the academic year itself. It will help you realize whether your target is achieved or not. If not that how much more efforts should you put to get better results. Another trick is organizing fundraiser before any festive season. The logic behind this point is, people might use the products you sell as gifts for their loved ones. Though these hacks can give positive results but these are not full proof. Each school and group has their own good time to hold a fundraiser depending on various factors.

Sports fundraising

Enrolling in sports activity is an expensive affair now a day. You have various sports events which require adequate funds for registration, equipment. You don’t have to be a part of any team to be in sports fundraising. Your fundraiser should justify your sport. What is the purpose of this fundraiser with respect to the sports you play should be your priority? This fundraising can vary from league wise to team wise to individual players based on your requirements.

Church Fundraising Ideas

If you are an active participant in church group and you wish to do your bit for the same, there might come a time when you will have to raise funds for Church. There are different church groups which work hard towards fundraising. Let the people know whether you are fundraising for church group, for choir, for mission trips or for youth ministry.

There are some few quick tips in managing a fundraiser.

Budget determination.

Before you venture into fundraising determine your budget constraints. Whether your income and expense tallies well or not. How quickly do you require the cash? How are you going to go about it?

Once you have these answers in place, you can go ahead with it.

Fundraising Schedule

Once you answer the above question of how quickly you require the cash? You have to schedule your fundraising accordingly. You have to take into account the starting phase, the fundraising phase and the ending phase.

Before starting fundraiser tips

Before you start fundraiser, you should be aware of the pre expenses that might be incurred as props or equipment required for the same.

Always remember to customize your fundraising ideas according to the cause you support.

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