Designers Tips For Having A Luxurious Bathroom

Do you feel that you bathroom needs a makeover?Maybe you don’t like the layout anymore or you don’t feel your bathroom is big enough.The color of the bathroom doesn’t match the color you had in mind.Maybe you want something bigger,better and stylish so when guests come over they can marvel at the new designs you have placed.Don’t neglect your bathroom – it’s the perfect place to go luxe. Don’t settle for a basic bathroom.With so many beautiful styles and ideas out there its hard to pick one so here are some designer tips which can make your bathroom look more luxurious:

1) Design a Bathroom Lighting Plan
The way the bathroom actually appears depends mainly on the lighting of the room.The most important area for bathroom lighting is the mirror. Normally you should have lights mounted on each side of the mirror at about eye level, with a third light above the mirror. This helps to illuminate your face from both sides and above, eliminating shadows and gives your face a brighter overall look.

2) Your Bathroom drapes
While choosing your curtains to match your living room design don’t forget to pick up some bathroom curtains as well. You could choose to use it like a normal curtain or even permanently gather it. Choose light fabrics that will not retain moisture and use beads or crystals to trim it.

3) The Colors which give it that luxurious look
When the colors and the lighting of the bathroom come together, a luxurious bathroom is a given.Black and white are classic colors that can add a sense of elegance to a bathroom. Alternatively choose shower curtains, artwork etc in any two contrasting colors to uplift a bathroom design with a neutral color palette.

4) Another important component is the Basin
The basin is the another important part of the bathroom, but to make your bathroom look more like an another room and less like a hotel bathroom, it’s nice either to set your basin into marble or place it on top of a specially adapted piece of furniture.You can complete this by hanging a pretty mirror above the basin, with lighting around it, to show you at your best.

5) Adding some extra Decorations
Sometimes some simple accessories are a great finishing touch to creating a relaxing atmosphere. Buy some candles, some big, soft towels and some soothing bath gels to ramp up the luxury.

These are some design ideas which will help create a functional, beautiful and relaxing space to suit your needs and budget.

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