Celeb Kids Who Are Already Screwing Up Their Lives

Hollywood – It can make your dreams come true or sometimes may break it too. Growing behind the spotlight is too difficult especially for young souls. There is a lot of pressure on these young stars, people waiting just to see them screw it up whether its drugs, drink n drive case or outrageous behavior. With all these craziness surrounding the entertainment industry, here’s a list of celeb kids who screwed their lives young.

• Miley Cyrus:

Daily Topless photos on instagram, twerking and rubbing her ass in a family award show, using bad words are commen for this former disney star. When Miley Cyrus decided to shed her child star image and fully leave any memory of Hannah Montana behind her, she cranked it to eleven and set the amp on fire. Seriously, Miley, put your clothes back on. We wouldn’t want you achy-breaking your father’s heart.

• Ariana Grande:

Nickelodeon gave Ariana Grande her big break when they cast her as “Cat Valentine,” a recurring character on multiple shows. From there, Ariana launched a successful recording career. That all sounds great until you peel back a single layer on a diva onion that would make Mariah Carey cry. Just some of the rumors about Ariana’s pomposity include these tidbits: she makes her bodyguards carry her around like a baby, she’s been accused of being nasty to fans reportedly saying, “I hope they all [bleeping] die,” and the notorious “donut-licking” scandal in which she was caught on camera saying “I hate America.”

• Macaulay Culkin:

The Home Alone star was hitting adolescence in 1995, allegations arose that his father, Kit Culkin, was mismanaging his fortune. Further, Culkin was arrested in Oklahoma in 2004 after police found 17.3 grams (just over half an ounce) of pot, along with a couple of prescription drugs for which he had no prescription. He received a one-year deferred sentence on each count and paid $540 in court costs. He’s now in a band that plays pizza-themed versions of Velvet Underground songs.

• Shia LaBeouf:

He wore a paper bag over his head that read “I am not famous anymore” at the red-carpet premiere of his latest movie, Nymphomaniac.

• Justin Bieber:

The Biebz rose to fame at age 13 when he was discovered on YouTube. He has only recently started to act out. His neighbors have complained multiple times for his reckless driving and he has threatened paparazzi on multiple occasions. He hasn’t really “gone bad,” but he has definitely “gone diva.”

• Jaimee Foxworth:

Best known for her role of Judy Winslow, the youngest daughter of Carl and Harriette Winslow on sitcom Family Matters for four seasons (1989-1993). She later transitioned to pornographic films using the name Crave, starring in several titles.

• Brian Bonsall:

The former Family Ties actor has a string of assault and DUI convictions under his belt.

• Chet Hanx:

Chet Hanx is another beloved actor’s kid turned obnoxious counterculture character. He’s Tom Hanks’ rapper son who used to go by “Chet Haze,” until he changed it to “Hanx.” He claims his sick rhymes got him famous. He very publicly fought detractors over his use of what is unfortunately a lot of rappers’ favorite slang term. African American hip hop artists have long defended the use of the term as a way of taking it back, thereby devaluing its negative connotations.

There is something innately disturbing about the way talented stars are sucked into the vortex of fame’s pitfalls. While we may have idolized them when we were kids — today, some of them make us wish we never gave them so much credit. Even the ones we thought had hope have ended up disappointing us by displaying some seriously shocking behavior.

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