Europe's Next Cheap Holiday Destination : Azores

There is a new place that is claiming to be one of the cheapest holiday destinations.In comes Azores.It is a small region in portugal which consists of nine major islands and an islet cluster.These islands in the atlantic ocean could become an affordable holiday destination. Holidays to Azores are ideal for resting and relaxing, with a leisurely pace of life reflected in the easy-going attitude of locals .For the Azores you pack a cagoule and sunglasses, your swimming gear and walking shoes, for you’re never more than a few minutes from a dramatic basalt seashore or an alluring grassy pathway.The concorde bar serves beer for as low as 1 pound.

The nine islands of the Azores, created by volcanic eruptions enjoy a strategic position between Europe and North America. Some 1,500 kilometres west of lisbon, this Portuguese territory represents a completely unique proposition as a holiday destination.

Every island has spectacular coastal aspects on all sides. Combining super-fresh cuisine with crisp air and rugged coastlines, it’s easy to see why many people call Azores holidays a perfect escape. This family of nine Portuguese sea-splattered volcanic farming islands is now easier than ever to visit, with the introduction next week of the first low-cost flights.Until this year, anyone without access to a private jet could visit the Azores only aboard Portugal’s state-run airlines. But the rules have changed and the government in Lisbon dismantled the barriers to entry at the start of the summer season. Within a week, the two biggest low-cost airlines in Europe launched flights between Lisbon and Ponta Delgada.No wonder it is often said that the Azores is one of Europes best kept secrets.

A quarter of the 250,000-strong Azorean population can be found in the capital,Ponta Delgada. This feels like a proper Portuguese city, with an airport and ring road surrounding a grid-pattern layout of narrow streets lined with whitewashed buildings. Hotels tend to be situated along Ponta Delgada’s main Avenidas, and the warm climate makes this a year-round destination for sun-worshippers. The climate is also ideally suited to the dolphins and whales that flock here. As well as conventional diving tours and shark adventures, travellers can actively contribute to an ongoing scientific study of sperm whales and bottlenose dolphins. Before your first night’s sleep on this island nation, you’ll easily see why there is so much more to Azores holidays than meets the eye.

As well as being the second-largest Azorean island, Pico is also Portugal’s biggest mountain. Its steeply-sloping sides can be climbed in a few hours, while committed mountain bikers can also tackle the ascent. Time it correctly, and you can be at the top for a spectacular sunset that will provide a perfect backdrop to any holiday photos.

Dramatic landscapes are a standard feature of holidays to Azores, from the bubbling volcanic ground on Sao Miguel to Terceira’s historic city of Angra. Its narrow cobbled streets are lined with brightly-coloured buildings reminiscent of a real-life fairy-tale, with many streets leading directly onto a bustling marina As you might expect given their oceanic surroundings, Azores holidays are ideal for water sports and activities like fishing. Every island has its own harbour for sailing or yachting, and the concentration of villages along the various coastlines ensures the Atlantic is always within walking distance.

So what are you waiting for?Get your plane tickets ready and go out there.

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