Avoid Holiday Weight Gain

Holiday season, a happy season. It that time of the year where we enjoy, get lazy and find ourselves surrounded by luring foods and with that some extra pounds. Studies have shown that the typical American may gain two to seven pounds over the six-week holiday season. According to researchers at the National Institutes of Health, most Americans never lose the weight they gain during the winter holidays. Is that it? These pounds add up year after year and can lead to serious problem “obesity”.

Holiday season disturbs our daily routine, as we attend many parties from thanksgiving to New Year’s Eve, all leading to excessive calorie intake. So how can I avoid holiday weight gain? Here are some tips which will help you focus on your diet you should maintain:

  • Never go to a party when you are hungry. It is always good to continue your regular diet routine and have a nutritious snack beforehand. Maintain discipline in the face of temptation and drink water when you are hungry.
  • Watch your alcohol intake- Offers no nutritional value, but calories leading to excessive weight gain. It also increases your appetite. Drink water or lemon juice to help cut calories and remain hydrated.
  • Focus on socializing. Whenever you are at the party, food will lure you. Try to divert your mind by talking to friends and being away from food.
  • Stick to your regular routine. Eat and sleep on time, exercise daily.
  • Include protein in your diet like turkey, chicken, Lean beef, white egg, protein bars etc. Protein helps trigger the release of glucagon that starts the release and breakdown of fats.
  • Keep a food diary on what you eat and weigh twice a week. Early Detection of weight gain can be an alert for extra workout and controlling your intake.
  • Eat slowly.It takes about 20 minutes for the stomach to register a “full” sensation and signal the brain that it’s had enough. Slow down and listen to your body.
  • Never skip meals. We have a common misconception that by skipping meals we may lose weight. This is not true. The truth is your metabolism slows down causing you to store body fat if calories are too limited for too long.
  • Maintain a fitness chart. Stay consistent with your workout routine. Exercise regularly and eat organic. Include vegetables and protein rich foods in your diet. Drink excessive water.

What if I break these rules, what if one day i overfill my stomach? Dr Oz says,” If you eat more, exercise more in order to compensate”. Here is a tip for the foodie- eats little at regular frequency. Always remember the rule, eat breakfast like a King, lunch like a Prince and dinner like a beggar. You can have fun without throwing away your healthy habits.

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