At&t, Comcast And Windstream Join Telecom Price Comparison Site

A price comparison site is a specialty search engine site that is used by shoppers to compare products and services based on different criteria. Such site collects data from the merchants directly and lists those products or services on their website. Along with price comparison such sites provides rating and review services for online retailers and products. The common vertical for which comparison sites are used frequently are travel, shopping, etc. these sites are mostly used by common public for their personal needs. Inspired by this sites, Florida based start-up company has come up with a comparison sites for small and medium business customers shopping for telecom services. It is a marketplace to connect business telecom users to telecom carriers. Here SMB’s can soon compare prices for telephony and internet service plans and also check for any offers in the region they operate.

Big names in telecom industry like AT&T, Comcast and Windstream has already opted to offer their services through this comparison site. Small business can now order from an array of traditional telecom services like VOIP & broadband services, wireless voice and data services, audio & web conferencing and cloud- based services through this website. SMB’s often spend upto 3 days just going through multiple phone companies websites and then contacting the firms to further esquire about the deals they offer before selecting the best. The procedure of looking for telecom services even at the little business level is intricate. The comparison site promises to cut down this 3 days hard and intricate work to just few minutes for small business customers, thus making the process of picking a telecom supplier as simple as booking a flight on the web. They are telecom pundits; they can make telecom services clearer and easier to understand and the experience of finding the right operator for your business much simpler. The formats in which the carriers promote their deals are also user friendly, thus eliminating the hassle for the small businesses of keeping track of each of the carrier’s bundles and promotions. One of such telecom price comparison website is, they recommend and help setup phone and internet services that are needed to run a business. They have tie-up with the most reliable and trusted telecom carriers in the US. The telecom companies pay a portion of customer’s phone bill for the duration of their contract with the price comparison site. The payment may range from 14 to 25 percent of the phone invoice.

In a press release CEO and co-founder of Jeff Kaufman said that though everyone has gotten accustomed with using various online shopping comparison sites like orbitz, travelzoo etc, the telecom sector wasn’t a part of that 21st century ecommerce technology until now. Jeff Kaufman has high hopes for the site and expects huge interest for an administration that makes securing telecom benefits less tedious. He also said the organization will give SMBs, a large portion of which do not have an IT staff by any means, a more straightforward and less tedious approach to buy telecom benefits so they can return to directing their center business forms.

On the off chance that the administration takes off then the business telecom administration market could possibly turn out to be more competitive, by expert Tiffani Bova, who takes after innovation and telecom deals channels the world over. “On the off chance that you take a gander at different businesses that have had an online marketplace total various suppliers they have brought about making a more aggressive market,” Bova said alluding to the travel, lodging and insurance enterprises. Despite the fact that telecom contracts come up for restoration just once or twice every year, Bova contended that regardless of the fact even if Wiresurfer secures only a little part of the market it can become a strong business. is not by any means the only organization to think of a value correlation site for telecom administrations. In 2008, AT&T, Verizon and Qwest, now CenturyLink, propelled, a site focusing on shoppers with the message that exchanging telephone services is less demanding even after moving to another city.

Nowadays comparison sites are all around; one reason these sorts of websites have turned out to be so well known throughout the years is on account of they offer a gainful services to clients and advertise themselves as an approach to spare cash. Also, one can increase additional leads without dedicating a lot of time or asset towards it, particularly on the off chance that you are a little organization with a restricted measure of staff.

Furthermore a value comparison site gives the buyer more visibility for eg. They can get the most recent costs offered by different e-retailers alongside rebate or money saving offers. Additionally the site also alerts the buyers of any price drops.

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